August 20 2014

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Helena Christensen’s Visions of Peru


Helena Christensen

The thing about being Helena Christensen is that everybody expects to see you in front of the camera. Turns out, the supermodel has some skills behind one, too. Christensen has been a photographer since her teens, and part of why she decided to enter professional modeling was to advance her photography skills. “Being on both sides of the camera is hugely beneficial,” Christensen told “You learn so much about psychology, emotions, capturing the moment, the technical side of things—and as a model when you step behind the camera, you know what it’s like to be in front of it.”

With that in mind, it made sense that, when The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts named her a Global Explorer, her first creative endeavor would be a photo expedition to some faraway destination. Last night, Christensen’s Visual Journey, Peru was revealed at an intimate party at the Bleecker Street Arts Club, drawing in the likes of Michael Stipe, Liv Tyler, and Rob Thomas.

The images, currently up for auction through Gavel&Grand, depict an excursion a little less glamorous than one might associate with a supermodel (there are lots of llamas), but the trip was a return to Christensen’s roots—more specifically, her Peruvian mother’s roots. That’s why she brought her mom along for the trip. “It was her first time back to Peru in seventeen years,” Christensen offered. “It was great to observe the intense, emotional experience she had after being gone for so long.”

Photo: Dean Neville/