August 30 2014

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Summer Friday: Weekend ‘Tauk With The Smile’s Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte


BARNEYS NEW YORK Hosts LOU LIVE in Celebration of the Fall 2013 Campaign CollaborationLike the George Gershwin song goes, “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” Especially if your workweek is cut short thanks to “Summer Fridays.” The extra hours go a long way in making every weekend seem like a holiday. If you’re short on inspiration for your own Summer Fridays, just look to our new season-long series in which we ask industry people with cool jobs to share how they’ll be spending their free afternoons.

Those who enjoy their meals at The Smile and their nights out at The Jane and The Westway will be happy to hear that this summer the duo behind all of those downtown institutions is headed out east. All summer long, Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte will be keeping Montauk full with a residency at the restaurant at Ruschmeyer’s. And they aren’t just bringing their culinary know-how to the hotel and bar—their Montreal-style Black Seed bagels will also be on offer. Though it seems that Quirarte and Kliegman’s summer weekends will be spent working, here’s what they’ll really be doing.


Carlos Quirarte: “At the beach! Because weeknights can run late at The Jane and The Westway, it’s nice to head to Montauk for the weekends. The Smile runs the restaurant at Ruschmeyer’s along with local chef Roy Wohlars, so it’s a good excuse to get out of the city and enjoy a weekend of great food with friends. If we get out east early, I like to stop by Melet Mercantile to see what Bob has in stock from week to week. They’re neighbors to the hotel, and his inventory is constantly changing as he sources new items throughout the summer.”

Matt Kliegman: “A perfect summer Friday would consist of yoga in Montauk with my fiancée, Sophie, followed by a delicious brunch. I’d probably order a blue crab eggs Benedict and banana pancakes from our menu—important to have both. Then enjoy a Bloody Caesar (it’s like a Bloody Mary, but with gin and Clamato juice) in a hammock by the bay and a game of life-size Jenga. But that’s the ideal; in the real world, there’s traffic on Montauk Highway, and brunch at Ruschmeyer’s is only served on Saturday and Sunday…”


Photo:; Courtesy of Ruschmeyer’s

Is The Fashion World Ready To Embrace—Gasp—Food?

------- contributing editor and party reporter Darrell Hartman circles the city and, occasionally, the globe in the line of duty. In a new column, he reports on the topics—whatever they may be at whatever given moment—that are stirring the social set.

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” Kate Moss famously said. Lord knows a good deal of the fashion world agrees with her. But fashion also responds to what’s going on in culture—and with all the foodie-ism out there these days, shouldn’t the Champagne-and-cigarettes diet seem a bit passé?

Bon Appetit thinks so. Since GQ alum Adam Rapoport took over as editor about a year and a half ago, the mag has adopted a new focus on food as an indispensable part of the stylish life, peeking into the dining rooms of fashion personalities such as the Missoni family and A.P.C.’s Jean Touitou to help its case. So when Rapoport & Co. threw a dinner a few weeks ago with help from recent profile subjects the Marden sisters and the in-demand interior designer John Derian, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do examine the topic.

Hugo Guinness’s anecdotal evidence suggested that fashion’s higher-ups are more or less deaf to all that enthusiastic noise coming out of the foodie world. “Daphne couldn’t care less about food,” he reported, referring to his sister. And it was with little relish (so to speak) that he described the cuisine that one noted fashion hostess serves up at her dinner parties: “Always steak or fish, and horribly cooked.” But there’s a new guard, too, and in New York few people embody it as well as Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte. They made a name for themselves as nightlife guys with a talent for marshaling the city’s cool kids, but in recent years they’ve gotten that same crowd to stop by for lunch at The Smile’s two downtown outposts with a menu that’s “healthy and comfort-y,” as Quirarte described it during cocktails at Bon App‘s dinner. This summer, they’re enlisting young restaurateur (and ex-boyfriend of Harley Viera-Newton) James Cruickshank to grill up late-night burgers at Westway. “I do think food is a bigger part of popular downtown culture,” offered Melia Marden (pictured), who’s head chef at The Smile and had put together the Mediterranean-flavored menu. “It’s very ingrained with what’s fashionable now—it’s not so separate.” Jean-Marc Houmard, who’s managed to lure Indochine vets over to his trendy new place, Acme, would probably second that.

A week later, as we were both heading up to a dinner in Istanbul, Cecilia Dean suggested to me that fashion absorbs trends in its own way and that when it comes to food, the relevant idea at the moment is the rather general one of eco-friendliness. “Food doesn’t need to be cool in the eyes of fashion people,” she said. In other words, no trendy chefs, pig parts, and cooking techniques: the fashion world’s plate is full enough.

Photo: Evan Sung / Courtesy of Bon Appetit

Nicole Richie, Working Woman


In a sequestered corner on Bergdorf Goodman’s seventh floor last night, Nicole Richie was a long ways from The Simple Life. “I honestly am so thankful for where I am right now,” Richie said at the BG-hosted fête for her line House of Harlow 1960. “It’s so great to reach a point where you see your pieces on a woman on the street and she looks amazing, but she may not even know it was me that was behind it. She likes it for what it is.” Anonymity in this digital age is a luxury, but it also has its limits; a crush of photographers circled Richie for the rest of the event. The former reality star, however, is just fine juggling press, family, and work. “I’m a Virgo,” she said. “I’m a born multitasker.”

The designer and entrepreneur will soon be putting those balancing skills to use. Between trips to Paris, New York, and L.A. this past month and then market appointments and touring with husband Joel Madden’s band Good Charlotte in March, Richie is racking up the frequent-flyer miles. Jet-lag be damned, she brought the glamour in a strapless bustier dress and a Veronica Lake wave to her very blond hair. “She’s really hit her stride and it shows,” Bergdorf’s Linda Fargo said. “She’s especially beautiful tonight in this old-screen-siren-meets-modern-girl way. It’s very Harlow.” The fashion director is gearing up for a busy New York fashion week and was heading home to strategize wardrobe choices for the next seven days, something Richie won’t have to worry about this season around. “I’m strictly here to work, so I’m not attending any shows,” she said, though pals Charlotte Ronson and Tracy Anderson stopped in to say hello. “I’m headed back to L.A. and then I’ll be back next week to meet with retailers.” While in town, she will make time for one NYC pit stop. “The Smile,” Richie said of her favorite city spot. “I always get the egg sandwich—it’s the best.”

Photo: Billy Farrell/

Opening Ceremony, The Standard, The Smile, And More Get Goal-Oriented


Forget the approaching World Cup for a second, if you can. Sure, that’s when you’ll see the best players in the world go head to head on the field in South Africa, battling for international glory (and against U.S. indifference). But before then, you can see the best and brightest—maybe—of New York play Adidas’ annual adiCup tourney for bragging rights, beer, barbecue, and the chance to test their mettle against international competition in a subsequent tournament in Germany (at stake there, national pride and tickets to the World Cup itself).

Beer and BBQ aren’t the traditional pregame chows, but the adiCup players aren’t pros—or more accurately, aren’t soccer pros. The competing teams represent magazines, retailers, clothing labels, hotels, and restaurants (the ones we spend most of our time in, to be honest). And while we’re curious to see whether Opening Ceremony (its jersey is pictured above) will best The Smile or Nom de Guerre’s Nom de Hooligans team will knock out the Standard FC, what we’re really interested in is the outfits. (Call us one-track minded.) Each team custom-designs its own Adidas jerseys for the field, and in anticipation of tomorrow’s game at Pier 40, they’ve given us a little preview. May the best—and best-dressed—team win. Continue Reading “Opening Ceremony, The Standard, The Smile, And More Get Goal-Oriented” »

Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Animal Magnetism


The Brucennial, the art collective Bruce High Quality Foundation’s annual free-for-all expo, may pride itself on being the downtown alternative to a certain Biennial uptown, but at last night’s Vito Schnabel-hosted party for the show, furs—a 10021 staple if ever there was one—were on display. Chloë Sevigny and artist Aurel Schmidt both wore bold skin jackets to the event, as did The Smile’s Melia Marden. (Schmidt also wore a fur—a gray ombré one—to attend the Whitney Biennial opening last week.) They’re right in step with the mood of the coming season—Fall’s runways saw a profusion of fur, especially here in New York. What do you think? Is the blue-blood mainstay ready for a young-blood revival, or is this a look better left on the Upper East?