August 21 2014

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Punk, Algae, and the Eighties Unite in Annelise Michelson’s Fall ’14


Annelise Michelson

Ever since Annelise Michelson exploded onto the fashion scene three years ago (and spawned a thousand copycats) with her Carnivore ring, she has gathered quite a following: Lady Gaga, Alison Mosshart, Eva Green, Theodora Richards, and Robin Wright are all fans of her bold, jagged aesthetic.

This Fall, Michelson spins her Carnivore design into one- or two-tiered chokers—a few of those caught our eye on the streets of PFW—as well as a “lobe cuff” (a spike holds it in place on pierced ears). Another femme fatale theme is déchaîné, a term that in French means cutting loose in a big way but also toys with the idea of chains. Here, oversize broken links are fused on massive chokers inspired in equal parts by the work of Helmut Newton and the jewelry Michelson’s mother sported back in the eighties. “I wanted something highly contemporary, slightly punk, but also timeless because that’s what chains are,” she explained. Elsewhere, the designer takes an equally bold but more organic turn with an algae-inspired collection of large pieces with curled edges. “I’d been mulling a marine theme and collecting shells, and all of a sudden I realized that algae would make a good bracelet,” she observed. Who knew punk and kelp could make such lovely bedfellows?

Photo: Courtesy Photo

Sister, Sister


Dannijo’s Danielle and Jodie Snyder eschewed the normal lookbook format for their Spring 2012 collection (which, they note, they can hardly keep in stock—especially the on-trend neon pieces), instead making a zine with industry insiders like ?uestlove, Mia Moretti, and Timo Weiland to show off their colorful baubles. As an extension of that project, the duo recently enlisted another pair of famous faces to model their Fall collection—two of fashion’s most well-known siblings, Theodora and Alexandra Richards.

“We loved the idea of shooting sisters, as their dynamic and chemistry are really reflective of Jodie and I and their personalities really resonated with ours,” Danielle tells “One [sister] is a bit more rocker and the other more classic, so we were really able to express the range of the collection through them.” has an exclusive first look at one of the shots (pictured), lensed by photographer Eric Ray Davidson. As for what they have up their sleeves (besides stacks of bracelets), the Snyder sisters report, “We have a few exciting projects that are in the works, but it’s too soon to tell. Stay tuned for our September fashion week experience; it will be our best yet.”

Photo: Eric Ray Davidson

Brother And Sister Acts Galore At Art Rocks! New York


It was a real family affair last night at “Art Rocks! New York,” a silent auction of 14 emerging artists—and a foot stomp of a party—held at the Bowery Hotel ballroom. Theodora Richards gave some sibling support to sis Alexandra, whose black-and-white painting of Guns N’ Roses drummer Slash was one of the works up for bid. The piece went for $1,600 to Gil Rodriguez, an assignment editor at a photo agency. “I’m going to put it over my bed,” he said. World-ranked surfer and curator Tripoli Patterson beamed about the work of his own brother and sister, Jake and Matisse, also on display. “The art world is interesting,” he said. “It’s about who you know and putting yourself in the right situations to show your work.” The event was a benefit for the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center and was curated by LOLA New York, the art-making and -dealing collective founded by James Cruickshank and Emmett Shine, and by Matt Rowean of Rowean Design. Shine’s sister, Amanda, had a piece in the show, as did he. Meanwhile, manning the turntables was DJ Dave Berrie, who was joined by sister Nicole to honor the work of the center, which was funded by their late father, Russ, and which bears their grandmother’s name. “It’s good to see friends and family collaborating to do things like this,” said Moises de la Renta as he boogied to Depeche Mode. “It’s about going out there and building a community of your friends.” Model and AIDS activist Maggie Rizer, along with Charlotte Ronson, was the evening’s hostess. “I think it’s really important to support all these young, up-and-coming artists, because people can’t really get anywhere without support,” she said. And who is her favorite artist? “Modigliani.”

Photo: Jonathan Ziegler/

Theodora Richards On Her New Life As DJ


The “when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping” ethos is little more than wishful thinking these days. But as long as stores keep opening, there’s one thing that seems unlikely to lose currency anytime soon: free Moët. Seemingly everyone at last night’s party for Hugo Boss’ new Meatpacking District store happily imbibed. Drinks aside, there were also some good-looking people making the rounds, including Brooke Shields, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, and Theodora Richards, who outlined her MO for the evening’s DJ duties with sister Alexandra. “I’m big on musicals and Disney and the odd stuff, and Alexandra is amazing with every kind of song that she plays, so I think that we’re just a really good balance,” Richards noted. Still, mastering the spinning thing may take a bit of time. “I’m a song selector, just trying to get used to this whole idea of deejaying,” Richards laughed. “But whatever—it’s all about appreciating music.”

Photo: Jeremy Kost/WireImage

Blasblog: the rose bar’s rocking birthday


“Can I have your attention, please: The Rose Bar is now officially a rock ‘n’ roll club.” With that announcement, which was made by Nur Khan, who’s been the maestro of the Gramercy Park’s swanky red-velvet lounge since it opened, the top-secret second anniversary celebration of the club began. (Not that anything in this city is that top secret: Damien, the spot’s much admired doorman, had to put more than one uninvited guest—hello, Lady Victoria Hervey—in their place.) And boy was it rowdy, the highlight being the set from Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell. In various parts of the standing-room-only crowd (and people were standing on anything, including benches, booths, cash registers, and the pool table) were the likes of Jeremy Piven, Dylan McDermott, Theodora Richards, Mick Rock, Tara Subkoff, Barbara Bush, former Calvin Klein model Freddie Ljungberg, and Jacquetta Wheeler. “I have to say, I love this crowd. And I love that so many people came out tonight—I know there were conflicting parties,” said Lou Doillon, who swung by the Prada bash but fled the fashion flock for the gig. “But me? I like to mix it up.” She wasn’t the only one. Interview‘s Christopher Bollen commented that it took him some time to remember what he was coming to the Rose Bar for: Which fashion company was doing their dinner here? Or was it a designer’s after-party? A socialite handbag launch? “Oh, that’s right. I came for the music. How novel.”

Photo: Clint Spaulding/