July 12 2014

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Yoko Ono, Face Of A Generation


Last night, Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld debuted the results of their latest collaborative efforts, The Little Black Jacket book and related exhibition, featuring 113 portraits of some of the coolest names in fashion from Alexander Wang to Linda Evangelista. Tonight, however, another set of portraits of an equally impressive bunch gets its official unveiling at the Hole Gallery on Bowery Street. Portrait of a Generation, as it’s called, is like a yearbook for the hip artists and designers of New York City. Over 100 of them, world-renowned artists like Olivier Zahm, André Saraiva, and Ryan McGinley, paired up and exchanged portraits (of all varieties—photos, drawings, and paintings). One of the most intriguing ones? A portrait of Yoko Ono, lensed by Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl at Ono’s studio in front of her beautiful dot drawings, which the Threeasfour designers Adi Gil, Angela Donhauser, and Gabriel Asfour then remixed to their own liking. “We dressed the picture on a mirror background with our fractal shapes that we created for our last Fall 2012 collection, Full Circle,” they tell For those who don’t know the backstory, Lennon has contributed music and performed live for several of the label’s shows, and Ono has been a muse to the designers. Here, has a first look at the portrait. (Yoko also shot the three designers, which is on view as part of the exhibition.)

Portrait of a Generation, open tonight through August 10, the Hole Gallery, 312 Bowery, NYC.

Photo: Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl

Threeasfour Goes For Three-In-One


Lingerie, fitness gear, and eveningwear—all in one? Versatile might be an understatement for Threeasfour’s newly launched collection of leotards, bra tops, and leggings, debuting exclusively here on “I come to the studio all day, and then go to yoga, and then sometimes I go out at night in it,” says Adi Gil, who designs the line along with Angela Donhauser and Gabriel Asfour. “It works and really looks good for all of those occasions—that’s the magic about it.” Gil has even been sporting the Yin & Yang Body leotard while she’s out surfing. Note: They aren’t necessarily SFB (safe for beach) because they aren’t lined, but even dry, the swirling opaque and sheer one-piece will turn heads. The collection, now available at their Web store for a price point that’s much more affordable than their runway collection, is another step in their efforts to position the line as accessible. How does the trio plan to open up next? “A collaboration—this is one of my dreams,” Gil said, listing Stella McCartney’s Adidas collection as a personal favorite. “From wet suits to yogawear to swimwear to dance, I think there is so much room for improvement and growth in those fields, in terms of style.”

Photo: Elisabet David

Threeasfour Is Loco For Yoko


Yoko Ono requires no introduction. Artist, musical groundbreaker, all-around revolutionary…You know. Yoko Ono. It’s a surprise, really, that a woman so iconic isn’t inspiring fashion collections each and every season. This season, at last, Ono will be front and center at Threeasfour, and in more ways than one. Adi Gil, Angela Donhauser, and Gabriel Asfour, the designers of Threeasfour, have taken Ono as their muse for Spring 2010, adapting some of her little-known dot drawings for prints in the new collection, cajoling her into soundtracking the show, and putting her in the front row. The connection between Ono and Threeasfour isn’t incidental; her son Sean Lennon, also a person who doesn’t require much introduction, has been buddying around with the Threeasfour crew for years. “He filled me in on their work,” Ono says. “So I was excited to meet them, finally, at a concert a friend of mine was giving in my loft.” Lennon has actually contributed music to previous Threeasfour shows—a few seasons ago, he played live. But the music at the Spring ’10 show is a family affair: The new Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band album, Between My Head and the Sky, which Lennon produced, comes out September 22 on his own label, and Threeasfour showgoers get the preview. The show is tonight at MAC & Milk; in the meantime, Ono and Lennon talk to about synchronicity, dots, and diaper-changing.

Sean, I vaguely recall that you wrote a new piece for that Threeasfour show you played at a few seasons ago…
Sean Lennon: The birdsong opera. That was a funny situation—they wanted something involving birds, and I’d just happened to have been working on something using this old scientific birdcall album.

That’s some synchronicity.
SL: We’re like family. There’s a very strong kind of internal connection. But this show, this story’s not about me. It’s really about the connection between my mom’s art, her drawings, and Threeasfour’s sense of form. I mean, it’s kind of eerie—this series of abstract pointillist drawings is just crazily similar to the way they do their cuts. It seemed like it would be cool to use the music to extrapolate the connections between their aesthetics. Especially since we have the album coming out next week.

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Yoko And Threeasfour, Monique On The Cheap, And More…


Make that Fourasfour. Threeasfour’s newest muse and collaboratrice is none other than Yoko Ono. In some ways, we kind of saw that coming. [WWD]

Recession victim # 147 (rough estimate): We received news this morning that Camilla Særk is canceling her September 12 show at Milk Studios. WWD confirmed the change in Stærk’s schedule, but notes that the designer is focusing on her new line, Stærk Signature, which she plans to show at the Rendez-Vous NYC trade show later this month. For now, at least. [WWD]

Shalom Harlow will be serving drinks in drag for Organic on Fashion’s Night Out. That’s all. [Fashion Week Daily]

Affordable Monique Lhuillier wedding dresses? Yes, ’tis true, bridezillas. [Style List]

Photo: Marcio Madeira

Hot Pursuits


Can you imagine having your order taken at a BBQ restaurant by Jason Wu the waiter? What about having Betsey Johnson the lifeguard tell you to stop splashing in the deep end? Well, such instances have indeed occurred, we found out, when we asked designers about their past summer jobs. Of course, many of these young fashion obsessives worked in related fields. Past was certainly prologue for both Vena Cava designers Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock, who toiled as vintage store shopgirls. Meanwhile, Ruffian’s prodigious Brian Wolk (pictured here) made his own clothes to put in a hard day at a local fabric store called Rag Shoppe. The prize for most unexpected job goes to Threeasfour’s Angela Donhauser and Adi Gil, who both donned Lion King costumes to work in Buena Vista, a German Disney outpost. It’s true. We have the pictures to prove it. We have the pictures to prove it. Click here for more on how designers spent their summer vacations before they devoted June, July, and August to creating Spring collections.