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In The Lotus Position


Fashion’s favorites have been hitting the track lately. Designer/car collaborations have been on the rise for a year or more, from Victoria Beckham’s “creative design executive” appointment at Range Rover to Gucci’s limited-edition Fiat. Last night, Lotus celebrated its new partner-in-design, producer, rapper, and front-row fashion watcher Swizz Beatz, with a party at Frank Gehry’s IAC Building in New York, which also served to toast the fourth and latest issue of Lotus Magazine.

The crowd was largely split between business suits and Timberland boots, but it wasn’t gentlemen only. There were several women in long evening dresses queuing up for photos next to the shiny red Lotus Evora. Evora duties for the magazine’s cover had been taken by Sasha Grey, the porn star-turned-actress of The Girlfriend Experience, who was painted driving one by artist Richard Phillips. He seemed as impressed by his automotive subject as his flesh and blood one. “These cars are as badass as you can imagine,” he said admiringly.

Beatz is the company’s newly appointed vice president of creative design and global marketing, making it his second creative appointment; he holds a similar title at the footwear company Reebok. (He also performed at the event, alongside rapper T.I.) But he was eager to clarify that this wasn’t a pay-for-play arrangement. “I wanna make clear that this was not an endorsement where I’m just getting paid money to be here,” he announced, standing next to Lotus CEO Dany Bahar. “This was a true creative collaboration where I was able to creatively step outside the box.” Cheers, applause, and camera flashes flooded the room soon after the two men, along with Russell Simmons and Beatz’ wife, Alicia Keys, revealed the Swizz-designed chrome-colored Evora GTE.

Photo: Shareif Ziyadat / FilmMagic