August 23 2014

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Blasblog: 24 Hours in the Capital with LSD


Yes, I am an absolute New Yorker to the jaded core. But ever since I took a very touching field trip to the nation’s capital as a boy, I’ve also been a very big fan of Washington, D.C.. So when Vogue‘s Lauren Santo Domingo invited me to tag along on a day trip down to the District of Columbia, I quickly signed up.

We left Thursday morning, and after a train ride spent gabbing and reading the most embarrassing sort of tabloid literature, hit the town and went straight for the new National Museum of the American Indian. It’s rich in the history of nearly every tribe in the Western Hemisphere, not to mention rich in style ideas: Some of those Indians had major beaded belts and moccasins.

Next we hit up a sports bar for burgers and to catch up on local news, which was roughly 50 percent coverage of the White House party crashers and 50 percent coverage of Tiger Woods’ many alleged mistresses. Finally, it was off to Lauren’s party for Tiffany & Co., where the LSD dressed a few models and regaled D.C.’s chicest ladies with a few fashion bons mots. “Coco Chanel used to say, before you leave the house take one thing off; now I say, when you’re on your way out put one more thing on!” But the highlight was meeting the sort of ladies that will no doubt be the next pack of Bravo reality stars. Our nation’s capital can churn out Real Housewives to rival New York’s, New Jersey’s, or Atlanta’s—including party-crasher (and Bravo contractee) Michaele Salahi, who didn’t make an appearance. I don’t think she was invited to the cocktail party, but as we all know…

Photo: Tony Powell / Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.