August 23 2014

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Maria Sharapova Goes Sky-High


Standing tall at 6 feet, 2 inches, Maria Sharapova isn’t afraid of a little height. “Being tall was always a good thing growing up—it’s good for your game. I think at some point, I was like, OK, I’m tall, this is how it’s going to be,” the tennis star laughed about her penchant for heels last night. Sharapova certainly stood out. Along with showing up in four-inch heels accompanied by another vertically gifted guest (her beau, L.A. Laker Sasha Vujacic), she was the main draw for the fête celebrating her latest fall 2010 footwear collection with Cole Haan, co-hosted by Interview in the New Museum’s Sky Room. Going a year strong, the ongoing design collaboration (skyscraper heels and sexed-up corset detailing this season) has Sharapova sketching in her downtime and turning to the Web for inspiration. “I’m a big fan of street-style sites,” she said. “I’ll have this idea and then go and see how somebody might wear it in Paris or London or somewhere else in the world.”

That kind of online trendsetting has served another Cole Haan contributor well: Todd Selby, who’s turned a zoom lens and a yen for interiors into The Selby, his must-visit creatives-in-their-houses photo site. (Street style off the street, as it were.) Selby shot the Cole Haan campaign, but it was his brushwork, not his prints, that was the star this evening; he had a few specially commissioned watercolors up for auction to benefit Common Cents, including one of Sharapova (pictured, with its subject), whom he met on a shoot for the brand. Though, when it comes to the tennis pro’s upcoming U.S. Open turn, he might not be the best to recount ad-ins or match points. “I’m not really a sports kind of guy,” he admitted. “Fashion’s my sport.”

Photo: Chance Yeh / Patrick McMullan

What Would You Use This For?


Our pal Todd Selby is known for photographing the homes of the rich and stylish, but as of late, he’s turned his lens on a fair number of work spaces, too—his newly published series of artist Tom Sachs’ studio, in particular, is worth a look. Sachs is the provocateur famous for erecting Hello Kitty statues in New York and building his own self-styled space station (complete with Tyvek spacesuits) in L.A., so no surprise he’s got all manner of oddity hanging around his lair. There’s the custom, T. Sachs-embroidered NASA outfit he works in, chairs made of police partitions, and a tape measure labeled “Stanley Kubrick,” but most curious of all, we’d have to say, is the enormous jug of “Prada oil.” (For all we know, 2008 was a good vintage.) Have a look, and if you know any potential uses for Prada oil, please do let us know in the comments.

Todd Selby Helps The Cobra Snake Open His First Bricks-And-Mortar Cobra Shop


For his first bricks-and-mortar vintage store, the Cobra Shop, Mark Hunter (left)—better known as the Cobra Snake—picked the overrun tourist trap that is the Hollywood and Highland mega-mall. Somehow, it fits. Hunter’s always been one to mine the good taste in bad taste—or vice versa? “I think it’s all about contrast with this place and where it is,” said Todd “The Selby” Selby, in town to promote his book with a party at the as-yet-unopened shop. “People just come and say ‘wow.’ ” As a connoisseur of spaces, he ought to know. Selby’s even gone so far as to create what he and Hunter are calling a bootleg version of The Selby tome, one that features three new chapters of photographs, of Hunter and his grandparents. (Said grandparents were in attendance, too, signing books and posters.)

Selby helped to curate the amassed collection of exclusive merchandise and designer collaborations, including archival pieces from his friend Jeremy Scott, limited-edition screen prints by Shepard Fairey, shoes from DJ Steve Aoki’s personal collection, and select RVCA x Cobra Shop designs. In between finding himself on the other side of the lens, mugging for the camera with Peaches Geldof and designer-in-residence Jeremy Scott, the interiors expert took a moment to appreciate the peculiar genius of the space. “The store just reminds me of what I think Mark’s brain looks like,” he mused, “which is a huge compliment to both.”

Click below for more exclusive photos by Todd Selby of the Cobra Shop, and click here to watch our video tour of the Selby’s East Village studio. Continue Reading “Todd Selby Helps The Cobra Snake Open His First Bricks-And-Mortar Cobra Shop” »

Lady Gaga’s Doing It For Herself, Your Chance To Snag A Few Early Alexander McQueens, And More…


Three years after her death, Isabella Blow’s unparalleled fashion collection—which included her friend Alexander McQueen’s entire graduate collection from Central Saint Martins—will go on the auction block. Here’s hoping some smart museum or private donor keeps at least the McQueens together. [WWD]

Todd Selby shot Waris Ahluwalia, Ruben Toledo, and André Balazs in their envy-inducing offices and homes for Louis Vuitton—in other words, exactly what you’d expect. If it ain’t broke, we guess… [Refinery29]

Speaking of Waris, he joined Lily Donaldson, Erin Wasson, and more in supporting NYC public school education. Each designed a T-shirt to be auctioned off on eBay to celebrate Playworkgroup’s first anniversary; the proceeds will go to Pencil, a local nonprofit. Lily’s shirt includes a pair of eyes and the legend “I See You”; Erin’s the scrawled quote, “Some things should last a really long time.” (So maybe hand-wash this particular tee?) [Modelinia]

Anne Hathaway has given up the gifts given to her by her conman ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, which include several Rolexes, jewelry, and a Louis Vuitton box. They’ll be auctioned off to repay the victims of Follieri’s schemes. [Page Six]

And Lady Gaga has applied for an internship with eccentric English milliner Philip Treacy. We never thought we’d say this, but makes total economic sense. If you’re going to run around with lobsters, telephones, and orbiting rings on your head all day, it’s only practical to bring production in-house. [Vogue U.K.]

Photo: David Fisher / Rex USA

The Selby Gives Good Place


“I’ve always wanted to do a book,” Web phenom Todd Selby said at the launch party for his first Luddite artifact, the coffee-table tome The Selby Is In Your Place. “It took me a while, because I didn’t want to repeat what was on the Web site, but I wanted to stay true to the spirit of it.” Judging by the mob clamoring for an autographed copy at Barneys last night, fans of the blog were happy to make the switch to something hardbound. Especially since it came with stickers. “There are stickers?” an excited Lisa Mayock asked. “I used to have a serious collection.” Selby subject and party host Simon Doonan doesn’t have a sticker fetish, but he and partner Jonathan Adler do have a Ping-Pong table complete with a Michael Jackson bust (Selby captured the couple in a heated match for his book). “I think he’s done something revolutionary,” Doonan said of the photographer. “One meets someone who’s super-groovy in the way they present themselves, but then you go to their apartment and it’s just horrifying, some kind of Tuscan villa, Olive Garden horror. This book shows you how to bring your apartment in line with your style.” Further proof of Doonan’s Selby love: last night’s special-edition shopping bag featuring Selby’s portraiture. “We never let anyone touch our bag,” Doonan said. “Except Andy Warhol.”

Photo: Rob Loud / WireImage