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Designer Diary: Jonathan Anderson’s Postcard from Tokyo


Jonathan Anderson, London’s up-and-coming design darling known for his provocative, gender-bending J.W. Anderson men’s and womenswear collections, took a trip to Tokyo last week to celebrate the launch of his second collaboration with Topshop. After feting his collection at a cocktail party on Thursday, the designer took some time out to explore. Anderson sent us a few snaps from his adventures. See the Japanese city through his eyes, below.

Welcome to Japan.

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First Look: Marc Jacobs Tokyo


Marc Jacobs has never been one to hide his admiration for Japanese aesthetics (see the Kabuki Japonisme of his Marc Jacobs Spring ’10 collection, for example), but only now, with the opening of his namesake label’s new flagship in Tokyo, designed by Stephan Jaklitsch Architects, does he have a store that embodies them.

The 2,800-square-foot space, which sits on a side street in the ritzy but charming Tokyo neighborhood of Aoyama, is a retail spin on the Japanese obsession with packaging: Although the interior looks like some other Marc Jacobs spaces, with sleek fixtures displaying brocade skirts and bottles of Bang, outside it’s a visual feast. The building’s mix of the traditional and the unorthodox—including striated levels topped off with a ghost wall, known as a kosakubutsu in Japanese—is at home on a block that includes a giant Prada store and a gemlike Cartier shop (although neither can boast an Award of Excellence from the American Institute of Architects, which the Marc Jacobs store received this past summer).

Shoppers will have to wait until Saturday, when the store officially opens, to blow their savings, but friends of the brand got a sneak peek on Thursday. During the private all-day celebration, local celebrities like Rinka (the very first Japanese model to grace Jacobs’ “Protect the Skin You’re In” T-shirt series) sipped Champagne in the store, in the café Mosaique next door, in the Italian restaurant Riva Degli Etruschi around the corner, and then, for those who still had a bit of party left in them, on the dance floor of nightclub Le Baron. And in case all that bubbly fuzzed their memory a bit, the evening’s gift—a tee emblazoned with “AOYAMARCJACOBS”—served as a reminder.

Photos: Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Blasblog: Scott Loves Shibuya!


Truth be told, Jeremy Scott and I could have crossed paths last week in Tokyo. His last few days in the Japanese capital coincided with my first few days of Japan Fashion Week, and on Tuesday night he hosted a party for his collaboration with Adidas. But between my jet lag-induced delirium and laziness and the inconveniences of his outfit (he told me he had no pockets in that kimono for a cell phone to tell me when he could pick me up) and his schedule (he spent all night signing autographs for his fans), it just didn’t happen. I know: I couldn’t believe I missed a party either. Jeremy left the following day for Korea, but I did get out of him some of his favorite Tokyo spots, because, as he’ll tell you, “Tokyo is like my second home!”

His favorite neighborhood is Shibuya, close to Harajuku and always packed with super-fashion-conscious young people. For accommodations, Scott says the only place he has patronized for the past decade is the Cerulean Tower. “It’s comfy and central,” he says, adding that though Sofia Coppola made the Park Hyatt famous in Lost in Translation, the Cerulean has fabulous views of the always-crowded-with-hip-Tokyo-dressers Shibuya crosswalk. To eat he heads to Ohyama, which he says is the best vegetarian sushi in the world (especially the tomato sushi). He loves the vintage shop Chicago—it’s where he picked up the lovely kimono in this picture with Mademoiselle Yulia, Tokyo’s It girl du jour—and “No trip to Tokyo would be complete without Takeshita Street, the true heart of Harajuku. The tiny store Bambi & Faline is its main artery; the store clerks there are style leaders and worthy of magazine covers.” Also in Harajuku is a shop called Dog, which is a dingy basement and has a mix of reworked vintage and personalized pieces; Scott says, “This store is ready-to-wear for Lady Gaga.” And a stop at the Japanese branch of Opening Ceremony is a must. “I know you’ve seen the stores in New York and L.A., but the eight-level emporium really shines,” Scott says. “Like all of Tokyo, it shows off all the current fashions your little heart could desire.”

Photo: Courtesy of Jeremy Scott

charlize reveals the awful truth


Charlize Theron blows the cover on The Hills and proclaims the show to be “about nothing.” Her statement is met by stunned silence, tears, riots.

Want to do something special for Thanksgiving this year? Get your neck tattooed. It’s totally in right now, and Grandma will love it. That’s what we call a win-win.

Tokyo—the city of rapidly emerging trends and fashion innovation and an unending source of inspiration to Gwen Stefani—has just declared the newest must-have accessory: adult diapers. Duane Reade is open until 10 p.m.

Photo: Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage