August 27 2014

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Swedes Do It Better: Altewaisaome and Sun Buddies Collaborate for Spring ’15


AS-SunbuddiesFashion week kicks off today in Stockholm, so what better time than now to announce a super-cool partnership between two key fixtures of the Swedish fashion scene? The Malmö-based brands Altewaisaome and Sun Buddies have collaborated for Spring 2015 on a set of shades, seen exclusively here first, to be worn in the Altewaisaome runway show this Thursday.

Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome, the duo behind Altewaisaome, have been in business since 2009, and were named Designer of the Year at this year’s Elle Gala in Sweden. “We were approached by the guys [Hannes and Simon Hogeman of Sun Buddies and the menswear e-shop Très Bien] with the idea of making shades for women, and we thought it to be a perfect match between our two brands,” Altewai told “Not only that, we thought it to be a really cool thing that Sun Buddies and the guys behind Très Bien wanted to do a product for women.”

As for the shades: “The style is totally new for us,” said Hannes. “It’s called Type 05. The materials are sourced with the Altewaisaome collection in mind in terms of colors. Also, we worked with a triple ‘sandwich’ acetate with black, white, and crystal, inspired by one of the stripes from the Altewaisaome collection.” All of the Altewaisaome shades come with gradient lenses that perfectly complement the oversize frame shape.

Photo: Courtesy Sun Buddies

EXCLUSIVE: Très Bien Debuts First-Ever Collection for Spring


_BLOG_dyptich_cSince opening Très Bien in 2006, brothers Hannes and Simon Hogeman have been helping to lead the direction of style for men all over the world. The Stockholm-based shop has become one of the most influential outlets for streetwear, high fashion, and the tricky intersection between the two. In fact, Très Bien is that intersection.

“It all comes down to our taste,” says Hannes, “which stems from growing up in Sweden with a general interest in fashion, style, and culture. We were brought up in the nineties with Helmut Lang and Ice Cube.”

But the real magic of Très Bien isn’t just taste, it’s a sensibility for how to create juxtapositions that work—how Stussy and Rick Owens can intermingle, or Nike and Tim Coppens, Carhartt and Comme des Garçons. The e-boutique’s selection is as important as the styling decisions. Pairing high and low is not a radical new idea in fashion by any means, but Très Bien has mastered the formula. “When we started out we wanted to do our thing and incorporate all these elements,” says Simon, “mixing high fashion and streetwear with youth culture, art, and music references. It’s more common now, but when we started out ten years ago, only some magazines like i-D represented something similar.” Now they’re going to see how far they can push it.

“We wanted to do our own collection all along,” Hannes says. “But we wanted to create a platform first, our own world with rules and standards distinct from the fashion world at large.” Seen exclusively here on first and available next week at, the Spring 2014 collection is an amalgamation of all the things Très Bien has been championing: smart, luxurious, relaxed menswear with distinct design cues that mash up clean lines, bold graphics, and simple styling. The collection will also feature a special collaboration with Common Projects, a canvas with gum-sole Achilles sneaker.

“What it boils down to,” says Hannes, “is we want to express ourselves and what we’re about—the collection is 100 percent Très Bien.”



There’s Nothing Shady About Sun Buddies



Sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory. They’re a life essential. How else would we avoid unwanted eye contact with strangers, dampen our brain-splitting hangovers, and shield our precious retinas from the sun’s dangerous rays?

But hiding your face isn’t everything. Sun Buddies, a Swedish shades brand started by brothers Hannes and Simon Hogeman, the guys behind Très Bien, sounds like something you’d get free with a Happy Meal, but when it comes to design and construction, it’s as serious as it gets. With three styles, Type 01, 02, and 03, every pair is made from high-quality acetate with Carl Zeiss Vision lenses. The first design, the Type 01, takes inspiration from the shades worn by Bibi Andersson in Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 film, Persona. How very Swedish of them.

Sun buddy Hannes Hogeman is a sunglasses expert, so we got him to answer a few hard-hitting questions about shades and style for

You guys are from Sweden. There isn’t a ton of sun there for part of the year, I hear. Why make sunglasses?
We’re from the very south of Sweden, and the amount of sun hours is pretty good, actually. However, Sun Buddies is a global brand, and at the moment, the city we have the most accounts in this season is Los Angeles.

Sun Buddies sounds like a good time. What makes sunglasses so much fun?
Sunglasses are connected to positive things like good weather and being outdoors. Also, wearing the right shades often tends to increase your self-confidence, which is kinda nice.
Is it OK to wear Sun Buddies at night or indoors?
Of course, as long as it doesn’t look strained. Sun Buddies are for everyone, everywhere, at any time.

Sunglasses are always getting lost, broken, or stolen. What tips do you have for taking care of your shades?
Never take them off.

Street-style photographers seem to love shooting people in sunglasses. You and your brother have your photos taken a lot—what’s the best way to look cool in pictures?
I don’t know, man. I might not have a good answer on that question, I’m afraid. Just the standards: Be yourself, feel relaxed, and all those other clichés.

Sun Buddies will release its Spring/Summer 2014 collection on April 15, and a special collaboration with Dover Street Market on April 18.