August 28 2014

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“Ageless” Abboud


Pier 57, the venue for Joseph Abboud’s Fall 2012 runway show, is positively enormous: Is this the size of expectations for creative director Bernardo Rojo? It’s the Spaniard’s third collection as creative director, not to mention the first time the hallowed menswear brand has sent a collection down a catwalk since 2005—a punk-inflected show that Rojo has publicly acknowledged as “controversial” but didn’t seem particularly eager to discuss before the new show yesterday.

And who can blame him? The latest collection is about transformation: The middle-aged silhouette one associates with the brand has gotten some needed pruning, with jackets nipped in at the waist and trousers narrowed. Rojo hasn’t strayed too far from the label’s roots, either; those pants are pleated, dammit, and Abboud loyalists will recognize the interplay of traditional patterns (including plenty of checks) and textures, grays, and camel tones. The chunky sweaters, another of what Rojo calls the brand’s “intrinsic elements,” haven’t gone anywhere, either.

If a single accent signals the new direction, it’s the ultra-wide jacket lapels. A reference to the dapper thirties and early-forties style that Rojo took as this season’s inspiration, they arguably stand out even more in the formal looks, which the designer rolled out four models at a time on a triple-wide brick catwalk.

“I wanted to make sure the clothes are worth it, are perfect, and are ready to be shown in the right way,” Rojo said—apparently, that means an environment in which the creative director can swing through the VIP lounge before the show to chat with Kellan Lutz about the Twilight actor’s Hawaiian vacation.

Rojo threw out a word that seems just right for the place Joseph Abboud wants to be right now: “ageless.” Striding down the runway to the sort of music that might play during a climactic scene in a James Bond movie, that’s how he saw the models. “I don’t think most of them look their age. When you see them with their skateboard, yes. But very different when you see them dressed up.”

Photo: Courtesy of Joseph Abboud


Lindsey To Meet The Ladies, Louboutin On The “Clumsy” Kardashians, A Coup For Carey, And More…


Set your DVRs: According to her agency, gap-toothed model of the moment Lindsey Wixson (left) will be on The View tomorrow morning with Donatella Versace. One can only imagine what Joy Behar will find to say about her now-famous pout. [@MarilynAgencyNYC]

Speaking of Twitter revelations, Kim Kardashian took to the tweet this week to announce she’d fallen and broken her toe. It didn’t take paps long to track down the shoes she’d been wearing: a pair of leopard-print, studded Louboutin booties. Racked tracked down M. Louboutin himself for comment: “Didn’t she or one of her sisters hurt their ankle with some studs or something one time?” he asks. “Maybe it’s just a clumsy family?” He did admit, however, that he himself tripped and fell in his own shoes recently—though, he was careful to note, he’d been wearing flats. [Racked]

The latest high-profile wedding coup for Zac Posen? According to rumors, the next celebrity to traipse down the aisle in one of his gowns isn’t even real (but no less rabidly followed for that). It’s Bella Swan (a.k.a. Kristen Stewart), heroine of the Twilight series. [Fashionologie]

Carey Mulligan scoops up the best-dressed award from Harper’s Bazaar‘s U.K. edition, besting Natalia Vodianova, Victoria Beckham, and even Britain’s “first lady,” Samantha Cameron. [Telegraph]

And the Times is the latest outlet to sing the song of Olivier Zahm, devoting a long profile to the Purple auteur and (in the words of fellow smutty photographer Andrew Richardson) “living Facebook page.” [NYT]

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

Can Someone Help Taylor Lautner Tie a Tie?


Twilight star Taylor Lautner arrived at last night’s Cinema Society screening of Eclipse well after co-star Kristen Stewart. Chalk it up to wardrobe problems. “I was having some tie issues,” Lautner admitted. “I have challenges, I do. I definitely need a little help. Sometimes I can get it and sometimes I can’t.”

But he cheerfully insisted it wasn’t his fault. “Sometimes you’ll get a tie that is just impossible. And today I think I had one of those,” Lautner said. The tie in question was a skinny one from Band of Outsiders—neckwear that does, perhaps, require a little extra finesse. (Likewise the Calvin Klein Collection suit.) “I ended up using three different people. It wasn’t just me. It was a hard tie.”

In fairness, Lautner doesn’t get much practice. He doesn’t often wear a tie—or, for that matter, a shirt.

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene

The Model Is A Vamp, Gaultier’s Kitty Couture, And More…


The sun won’t set on Twilight: Kellan Lutz, who stars as vampire Emmett in the films, is the latest face (and, ahem, body) of Calvin Klein Underwear. Oh, OK, twist our arm, we’ll have just a quick look. [WWD]

Jean Paul Gaultier knows that you can’t put a cat in a corset. How does he know? He tried it, of course. [Telegraph via Racked]

The Ed Hardy appreciators of MTV’s Jersey Shore are apparently coming to New York fashion week. The gossips say the reality stars are angling for tickets to the shows and will likely get them. Our sympathies in advance to whoever is seated behind Snooki’s towering poof. [Page Six]

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen expand their empire even further with the launch of denim for their Elizabeth and James line. The three debut styles are seventies-inspired, further proof that you don’t need to have lived through a decade to mine it. [WWD]

And BMW has announced that the latest vehicle in its Art Car series will be designed by Jeff Koons. He joins the ranks of Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jenny Holzer.

Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein

Q&A: Noot Seear Talks Twilight


The history of the model-turned-actress is a checkered one, without a doubt. For every Charlotte Rampling or Penélope Cruz, there’s a Cindy Crawford in Fair Game, the sine qua non of bad career moves. The jury is still out on Noot Seear, but that’s only because Seear, an alum of countless runways and campaigns, won’t be seen in her first acting role until November. That’s when New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, is released—or, to put it another way, that’s when Noot Seear can expect to make the leap from model-turned-actress to paparazzi quarry. In the forthcoming film, Seear plays a “fisher.” “She’s kind of a siren,” Seear explains of her character. “She attracts tourists to bring back to her feeder people. Basically, she’s human bait.” The role is small but vital, and last month, the 25-year-old Vancouver native got her first taste of Twilight-related pandemonium when she joined Robert Pattinson and the gang at Comic-Con. Here, Seear talks to about the different ways to work a camera, enjoying what’s left of her anonymity, and being a teenager in love.


You’ve been modeling since you were 13. Are all those years in front of the camera working to your advantage or disadvantage as you transition to acting?

Both. The advantage, especially, is that I’m used to being in front of the camera. I’m comfortable having a crew around and shooting with lights in my face, and I get the lifestyle, doing one job and then flying off to the next round of castings. There are similarities. The big hurdle is that when you model it’s all about engaging the camera, whereas in acting, you have to train yourself not to notice the camera at all, and just be in the scene, with the other actors. But that’s what I’ve been training to do. I’m not coming to this totally cold.
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