September 3 2014

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Protect Underage Models—Now It’s the Law


Ondria HardinIt’s official: The New York Times reports that, following the passing of new labor legislation in June, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a state law declaring that models under age 18 are child performers. Long story short, the law is meant to protect underage models (like controversial teenage superstar Ondria Hardin—left) from mistreatment and outrageous work hours, and will require designers to fill out stacks of paperwork and, in some cases, provide financial trusts and tutors should they want minors on their catwalks. If brands violate the law, which will be put into effect in thirty days, houses will be fined $1,000 for their first offense, $2,000 for their second offense, etc. While this is indeed a step in the right direction, we kind of feel that penalties more expensive than, say, a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes would have a bigger effect.

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