September 2 2014

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10 posts tagged "United Bamboo"

Here Come The Calendar Cats


Meet the new faces of 2011: Poncho, Ziggy, Shuvel Face. Those were some of the fancy felines on hand yesterday as United Bamboo shot its second annual cat calendar. Miniature versions of the line’s looks from Fall ’10, Resort ’11 and the upcoming Spring ’11 collections hung on one wall of the United Bamboo studio, as half a dozen kitties stalked the space, clad in bow blouses and peacoats. “We have to remake all the patterns, obviously,” explained United Bamboo founder Miho Aoki, as she dodged the aptly named cat Bamboo. “But it’s OK, because our patternmaker has a cat, so she gets into it.”

Speaking of getting into things, some of the model cats were more psyched than others to be outfitted and appareled. Bamboo, for example, once she’d finished wrestling with a feather on a stick, seemed more than fine with the idea of clothes. In fact, she might have been waiting her whole life for this big break into fashion. Elsewhere, there was much hissing and spitting. More than 100 cats were submitted for the casting; according to Aoki, the United Bamboo team picked the “cutest ones,” with an emphasis on longhairs. “We didn’t bring them in or anything. We just judged by the pictures.” Aoki and partner Thuy Pham made the wise decision to bring in more cats than necessary—22 were called, 12 made the cut. (That’s double the cat fun from the 2010 edition.)

Of course, United Bamboo’s forays into cat fashions have been timely: Word leaked about the 2010 calendar around the same time that Miu Miu was showing kitty prints on the runway, and since then it’s been a feline free-for-all in the industry, what with cat-eye sunglasses and kitten heels. (Click here to check out a slideshow of our favorite variations on the theme.) We’d like to say we called this first—and we stand by our kitty overlords prediction—but Aoki was way, way ahead of us. As she explained, she first made cat clothes more than ten years ago, when she got her cat. “I thought it would be funny, to dress up a cat,” she said. It is. Continue Reading “Here Come The Calendar Cats” »

Tennis Togs, Anyone? United Bamboo And Co. Suit Up


Tennis is getting awfully glitzy these days. It’s long been the most understated of sports, from the hushed fans in the stands to the tennis whites on the players, but then last week at the French Open, Rafael Nadal flashed a $525,000 Richard Mille watch and Venus Williams showed off a whole lot more than that with her come-hither cancan dancer look. What’s next? A JumboTron scouting the crowd, looking for Federer fans who’ve painted their faces the colors of the Swiss flag? Maybe a loudspeaker blasting “Na Na Na Na, Hey, Hey, Hey” between points? For shame, tennis. Perhaps the pros should look to this weekend’s Gargyle x United Bamboo Smash! Tennis Challenge for style counsel. Taking place from noon to four this Saturday at the East River Courts in Manhattan, the mixed doubles tourney will show off the topspin skills of teams from the sponsors, Café Select and Complex, among others. This is just the latest jocking-up of the fashion set—witness the recent adiCUP and VMan‘s Memorial Day Weekend Male Model World Cup, which featured players even easier on the eyes than usual. This time out, we’re especially keen to see the togs on the United Bamboo team—not only because designers Thuy Pham and Miho Aoki are known for their classy-yet-subversive spin on prepster staples, but also because we’re praying that at least one of their players will be a cat.

Photo Illustration: United Bamboo; Digital Vision / Getty Images

Opening Ceremony, The Standard, The Smile, And More Get Goal-Oriented


Forget the approaching World Cup for a second, if you can. Sure, that’s when you’ll see the best players in the world go head to head on the field in South Africa, battling for international glory (and against U.S. indifference). But before then, you can see the best and brightest—maybe—of New York play Adidas’ annual adiCup tourney for bragging rights, beer, barbecue, and the chance to test their mettle against international competition in a subsequent tournament in Germany (at stake there, national pride and tickets to the World Cup itself).

Beer and BBQ aren’t the traditional pregame chows, but the adiCup players aren’t pros—or more accurately, aren’t soccer pros. The competing teams represent magazines, retailers, clothing labels, hotels, and restaurants (the ones we spend most of our time in, to be honest). And while we’re curious to see whether Opening Ceremony (its jersey is pictured above) will best The Smile or Nom de Guerre’s Nom de Hooligans team will knock out the Standard FC, what we’re really interested in is the outfits. (Call us one-track minded.) Each team custom-designs its own Adidas jerseys for the field, and in anticipation of tomorrow’s game at Pier 40, they’ve given us a little preview. May the best—and best-dressed—team win. Continue Reading “Opening Ceremony, The Standard, The Smile, And More Get Goal-Oriented” »

ConfettiSystem’s Paper Pushers


Need help making your holiday bright? If tinsel seems a little been-there-done-that, head over to Urban Outfitters (or go online) to check out the new garlands, sparkly crowns, and disco-ball-esque piñatas from ConfettiSystem‘s limited-edition PartyParty line. Look familiar? Might be because ConfettiSystem, the brainchild of Julie Ho and Nicholas Andersen, has been glamming up some pretty big names over the past year. Their garlands appeared on the runway at United Bamboo (and later co-starred in the label’s ad campaign with Terence Koh), were exhibited at the Arnhem Mode Biënnale and in the windows of Opening Ceremony, and have gotten picked up by Bergdorf Goodman, which now sells the company’s homemade decorations. The under-4 set can learn to make their own when Ho and Andersen lead a workshop at Partners & Spade’s Avant Garde Preschool this weekend, but the rest of us will have to head for Urban—and fast. An hour into the launch party last night at the 14th Street store, all of the Fiesta garlands had been snapped up.

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Cats: The Fashion Calendar, Not The Musical


Cats: adorable, right? Furry purring machines batting at balls of string, I can haz all your love and affection? Well, Miuccia Prada may have plastered her cat fancy all over yesterday’s Spring 2010 Miu Miu collection, but let’s look at the facts. As Alan Weisman notes in his book The World Without Us, centuries of domestication have done nothing to dim the housecat’s predatory instincts. Cats, writes Weisman, kill “not only for sustenance, but also seemingly for the sheer pleasure of it.” The human race could die out tomorrow and cats—cats!—would not only survive, but thrive. Presumably, they’d evolve into a new master species, farming mice in skyscrapers and keeping the few remaining dogs as slaves. Continue Reading “Cats: The Fashion Calendar, Not The Musical” »