September 2 2014

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On Our Radar: Valentina Kova


Valentina Kova’s studio may be set against the modern backdrop of Manhattan, but her jewelry hearkens back to a decidedly different era—the Cenozoic Era, to be exact. Kova, a Parsons grad, designs three distinctly different lines, one of which fuses fossilized Megalodon teeth (i.e., teeth from giant prehistoric sharks) with precious stones and conflict-free diamonds. “I’m drawn to very natural materials,” says the designer. “But I like to give them a little modern twist.” Her second range, which she calls Warrior, is inspired by ancient armor and features minimal wares in sterling silver. The Seaweed collection—Kova’s third and lowest-priced range—boasts organic, hand-crocheted necklaces made from vintage chain. “I have a clothing background,” reveals Kova. “So I’m using [that] and applying it to my jewelry.” As she continues to grow her brand, Kova feels it is essential to maintain a thoughtful approach to her metals and stones. She muses that she might start spraying her sterling Warrior wares with 18-karat gold dust. “I’d love to start experimenting with more materials,” she says.

Valentina Kova is available at Fivestory in New York, Maxfield in L.A., and other select retailers.

Photos: Valentina Kova