August 22 2014

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Objects Of Desire


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Miu Miu is debuting its third short film in a series dedicated to exploring love—women’s love affair with Miu Miu, that is. Following Zoe Cassavetes’ The Powder Room and Lucrecia Martel’s MUTA, Giada Colagrande’s The Woman Dress is centered around a dark, all-female world of glamour and desire. The short stars the trio (Heather D’Angelo, Erika Forster, and Annie Hart) from electric pop group Au Revoir Simone as witches (wearing Miu Miu’s new Culte sunglasses and chanting to a soundtrack they wrote for the film) along with Indian actress Maya Sansa, who transforms into the object of her desire—a bloodred Miu Miu dress, naturally. The full film will be unveiled tonight at a private screening in New York, but got an exclusive first look. Below, watch a teaser for the film.

Photo: Courtesy of Miu Miu

The Aesthete Debuts A “Modern” Valentine


If Valentine’s Day sounds to you like an occasion for a good old-fashioned barn-raising, you’re in luck. The newly launched fashion and culture site The Aesthete is celebrating the holiday without the usual hearts and chocolates. Its new video, “Modern,” directed by and starring Jon Beasley and Isabelle Albuquerque of Osk Studio, looks at love through a primly puritan lens. Beasley and Albuquerque play an early-American couple who journey magically from their rural home to modern New York City, dressed simply and severely in ascetic garb—if clothes by YSL, Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Ralph Lauren, styled by Natasha Royt, can be called ascetic. The full film, with cinematography by Sundance award winner Bradford Young and an original score by Hecuba, premieres today on; an exclusive preview is below. Call it kismet, but settler style feels especially timely after Marc Jacobs debuted pilgrim buckle shoes on his runway last night. Is what’s old set to be new again? Hang on to your bonnets.

Photo: Courtesy of

Boo Who?


Valentine’s Day cometh. Waris Ahluwalia prepareth. The jeweler and oft-quoted devotee of love is launching a new capsule collection, Boo by House of Waris, to bring his wares (and his sense of romance) to a wider audience. The project, he said by phone today, continues his “never-ending exploration of the world’s greatest mystery—love.” (He conceded that the world actually has three great mysteries: space, the ocean, and love.) The three-piece capsule, which includes earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet, is Ahluwalia’s more cost-effective foray into the world of jewelry. The gold pieces, which launch at Moda Operandi and will later be available at Colette, The Webster, and Kirna Zabête, retail for $250 and under. (Pavé versions are in the works for the future.)

To complement the range, Ahluwalia asked ten friends to make short films, given only the prompt, “You’re My Boo.” (“If you’re not ready to say I love you…” the designer offered by way of explanation.) Collaborators ranging from artist Matthew Frost (whose Chinese take on the theme kicks off the project below) and Mark Seliger to Olivier Zahm and Casey Neistat each created a short to be released daily, which will take viewers through Valentine’s Day—and beyond, which is part of the point. Love and Boo, Ahluwalia explained, shouldn’t be confined to one February day a year. “My love continues forever,” he said.

Who Doesn’t Love A Two-For-One Deal?


With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’ve been reflecting on our favorite fashion couples. Because when it comes to dressing, a pair of style aces is always better than one. Naturally, power duos like Brangelina or Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom made the cut; those genetic jackpot winners could make even burlap sacks look good. Still, you won’t find most of our matchups in the pages of Us Weekly. Model sweethearts Sheila Marquez and Christian Brylle look like they share a single closet. And we love Leelee Sobieski in a suit of her husband Adam Kimmel’s design. But André Saraiva and Annabelle Dexter-Jones take our top honors for their coordinating varsity jackets and jeans.

CLICK FOR A SLIDESHOW, and tell us who’s the best-dressed twosome.

Photo: Wataru Shimosato / An Unknown Quantity

Love, Edith A. Miller


Valentine’s Day calls to mind things like lingerie, jewelry, and chocolate. Those are all nice, but Edith A. Miller designers Jennifer Murray and Nancy Gibson had something a little more cozy in mind for the holiday this year. The duo has made a name for themselves—J.Crew picked up styles from the brand in September 2011—with their basic T-shirts (striped ones, in particular). So, in their signature style, they came up with Valentine’s Day striped heart T-shirt. Here, an exclusive first look at the limited-edition tee ($88), available on and Colette February 7.

Photo: Courtesy of Edith A. Miller