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Sneak Peek: Valentino’s New Ten-Pack


Tonight at its Madison Avenue boutique, Valentino will unveil its newest accessory concept: the Shopping Couture bag, which is not just one bag, but in fact a ten-style series that the Italian house has dubbed a “Designer Decalogue.” The bags are the creation of Valentino’s longtime accessories team Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, who spent a decade working under Mr. V and as of October hold the creative reins over all categories of the design house, including haute couture, which will be their runway debut in January. The concept of the Shopping Couture bag is to pair the house’s considerable skill for artisanal embellishment with the everyday practicality of a tote. The bags go on sale now, with new styles to be released month by month in the year ahead. There’s the Extravagance, which is covered with peacock feathers (pictured here); the Pétale, bedecked by a massive handcrafted rose; the New Dentelle, which creates a “new lace” with lasered ponyskin and tulle; and the Cabochon, studded with pastel stones and silver beads and the last to be delivered. Let’s just say that practicality, like everything in life, is relative.

Photo: Courtesy of Valentino

Valentino on Rio: Just Like Home, Sans Pugs


I caught up with Mr. Valentino last night at the Claro Rio Summer opening party, where he explained his love of this beautiful, beachy city. “It feels like home,” said Mr. V. “I came here 30 years ago for the first time. I sat down and paid attention to everyone passing by in the streets. All of the sudden, it reminded me so much of home. It is a very familiar place to me, so I kept coming back all these years.” Look for the ever-tanned legend next week in New York. But with so many travels, does he miss his adorable six-dog crew of pugs? Yes, he said, but they’re safely ensconced in one of his houses.

Photo: Fernanda Calfat

behind the scenes at valentino


The gloves are off at the Italian design house, which this week let go Alessandra Facchinetti as the designer of the main line in favor of the accessories team of Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Alessandra Facchinetti’s statement to the press:

“It was with deep regret that I learnt from the press that I would no longer be working with Valentino. This news came as a great surprise since the company’s top management has not yet seen fit to inform me of the above.

“I would like to thank Valentino S.p.A. for showing their appreciation of my “creative contribution and my sophisticated talent,” although I deeply regret the fact that this talent and contribution do not seem to have been adequately acknowledged.

“I find it extremely sad that a brand label of the caliber of Valentino, which has made history in the world of fashion, has been the subject of rumors for the past two weeks.

“Despite everything that has happened, I sincerely feel that this experience has empowered me because I know that my work has been deeply appreciated throughout the world. I would like to thank all my co-workers and all those people who have shown me both loyalty and affection.”

The House of Valentino’s statement to the press:

“I think it is a wise decision.

“To pretend to transform and revolutionize the Valentino style is a utopia which is a loss from the start.

“Valentino’s style is very strong and recognizable, which can only be taken forward, with necessary updating, by those who love it, respect it, and, above all, know it perfectly.

“Pier Paolo and Maria Grazia are company-oriented people, and it is right to give them a chance to bring forward a style, which, alongside Valentino, they have developed.”

“They are two serious, capable professionals that I had alongside me for many years. They always demonstrated an enormous respect and love for my work.

“There is an existing archive with thousands of dresses where they can draw and take inspiration from to create a Valentino product that is relevant today.

“It is a shame that their predecessor didn’t feel this need.

“I wish them all the success.”

facchinetti’s out at valentino


Breaking news at Valentino that you kind of already knew was coming: Alessandra Facchinetti is out, and house accessories designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli (a contender for best name ever) are in. Official confirmation coming soon.

Howard getting married: Shock jock and Beth Ostrosky to be wed tonight by a daytime soap star. Classy!

Shopping alert: Advanced degree needed to buy moisturizer.

Photo: Marcio Madeira

paris fashion week: keeping an eye on valli


With the Paris talk linking Giambattista Valli’s name with Valentino’s, all eyes will be on Valli at his show today and at his Moncler Gamme Rouge presentation tomorrow. Will either collection look like an audition for the role currently filled by Alessandra Fachinetti? More on that later. But here’s a preview of what’s in store for us at Gamme Rouge: “This season is a forward approach to the intimacy of a woman—almost a sporty boudoir of a futuristic Trianon in powdery colors.” Marie Antoinette at a sports club? We’re intrigued.

Photo: Courtesy of Moncler