July 30 2014

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18 posts tagged "Vanity Fair"

Giancarlo Giammetti Thought Jerry Hall Was A Call Girl


Giancarlo GiammettiWhen Giancarlo Giammetti first met Jerry Hall, the supermodel told him that she was a cowgirl. However, to Giancarlo’s ear, her Texan twang made it sound like she said “call girl.” “I was really shocked…So I very shyly ask whether she arranged to meet her clients by phone or in person. She say, ‘What clients?’ I say, ‘You say you are a call girl.’ And she say, ‘No, no, no! I am a cowgirl!’ We became great friends.” Giammetti—the ultra-tan Italian force who’s served as Valentino Garavani’s business partner for 45 years—discusses this, his relationship with Valentino (occupational and otherwise), the influence of stylists, and more in the latest installment of Vanity Fair‘s “Out to Lunch” series. Apparently, Giammetti dined with journalist John Heilpern via Skype. Naturally, the former was stuck on Valentino’s yacht on the Aegean sea, and couldn’t make it for an IRL meal.

Photo: Dave M. Benett/ Getty Images

Surprise! Kate Moss to Bare All for Playboy


Kate Moss in Vanity FairJune’s widespread rumors are true—Kate Moss will cover the 60th anniversary issue of Playboy, and word on the street is that Mert & Marcus have already shot the feature. “It’s natural for us,” Hugh Hefner told the Los Angeles Times. “She’s a worldwide celebrity and iconic and crosses the boundaries from sexual imagery to upscale modeling.” Indeed, after seeing Moss’ sultry Spring Versace ads, that pinup-worthy spread in last November’s Vanity Fair (left,) and that saucy Spring Love cover of her swooning in a bathtub, we don’t think Playboy is too big of a stretch.

Photo: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott / Courtesy of Vanity Fair

She Fell Into a Burning Ring of Larceny


Though you might wonder where she finds the time between fashion-show visits, Sofia Coppola is a fairly prolific filmmaker. Her latest even combines her interest in both. The Bling Ring, based on Nancy Jo Sales’ 2010 Vanity Fair story about L.A. teens heisting designer duds from the homes of their celebrity neighbors, stars Emma Watson in a Hermione-who? performance as a bling ringleader with expensive taste. That and the Sleigh Bells track should be enough to send you (law-abidingly, we hope) into the weekend. The film is slated for release June 14.

Le Figaro‘s Critical New Hire: Godfrey Deeny


It was announced this morning that Godfrey Deeny has been appointed as editor at large for women’s fashion at the French newspaper Le Figaro, where he will write features and cover the collections. He succeeds Virginie Mouzat, the long-limbed Parisian editor who recently decamped to the new local edition of Vanity Fair. Deeny, an occasional contributor to, is one of the more interesting figures in this business. A boarding school boy from the north of Ireland, his interests include—albeit not necessarily in this order—fashion, women, decent food and drink, sport (he is a staunch supporter of Liverpool FC, the great English football club that is in what might kindly be described as a “rebuilding” phase), and art. False modesty is not one of Deeny’s vices, though there is surely a winking irony in the fact that his e-mail address dispenses with the second syllable of his first name. Deeny was the Paris bureau chief of Women’s Wear Daily back in the day when John Fairchild ruled that publication with an iron fist. One of my favorite stories concerns the time he and Fairchild attended a Versace show and a paparazzi squall broke out over a diminutive figure in the front row. “Who’s that?” asked Fairchild. “Prince, Mr. Fairchild,” said Deeny, recognizing the singer, then in the first flush of his global fame. “Yes,” Fairchild is said to have replied. “But of what country?” Subsequently, Deeny was instrumental in launching Fashion Wire Daily, a putative competitor to his former employer. That was perhaps a quixotic quest given WWD‘s stranglehold on fashion news, but in recent years FWD has endured as a vehicle for Denny’s independent, sometimes acerbic fashion show reviews. During her tenure at Le Figaro, Mouzat gained a reputation as one of the industry’s most outspoken reviewers. Her Tom Ford takedown achieved near legendary status. One hopes and expects that Deeny will continue the tradition of biting the hand that feeds.

Photo: Alice Bensi/

Five Talking Points From Vanity Fair‘s Kate Moss Cover Story


Her own book isn’t the only thing Kate Moss is covering in November. The new issue of Vanity Fair is out today, with a cover shoot (by Mert and Marcus) and story (by James Fox) about the model. In the interest of getting a jump on the chatter, here are the five key things to know now, from the mouth of the lady herself.

• Her “Wanton Past,” Sort of: “On my wedding day, I’m like freaking out, obviously. ‘You’ve got to give me a character.’ And [John Galliano] said, ‘You have a secret—you are the last of the English roses. Hide under that veil. When he lifts it, he’s going to see your wanton past!’”

• Her Not-So-Wanton Past—on the Famous Marky Mark Herb Ritts Calvin Klein Underwear Photos: “It didn’t feel like me at all. I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy.”

• The Johnny Depp Revelation: “There’s nobody that’s ever really been able to take care of me. Johnny did for a bit. I believed what he said. Like if I said, ‘What do I do?,’ he’d tell me.”

• On Modesty—and the Famous Corinne Day Photos That Launched her Career: “There’s a lot of boobs. I hated my boobs! Because I was flat-chested. And I had a big mole on one. That picture of me running down the beach—I’ll never forget doing that, because I made the hairdresser, who was the only man on the shoot, turn his back.”

• On Immodesty—and the Pursuit of a Good Time: “People that don’t know me get Mossed. It means, I was gonna go home, but then I just got led astray. In the best possible way, of course. I mean, it’s always fun, and a good time.” Her friend Jess Hallett counters, “It can be a nightmare if you’re the only one there. ‘Please can we go home?’ ‘No.’” On one such night in South Africa, “I remember phoning downstairs,” says Hallett, “and saying, ‘Can we have an alarm call for 7 a.m., please?’ They said, ‘That’s in five minutes, madam.’”

Photo: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott / Courtesy of Vanity Fair