August 30 2014

styledotcom In honor of the #USOpen, 19 of the greatest tennis fashion moments:

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True Love, Courtesy Of Tiffany’s


Out with spring fling and in with summer romance? That was the spirit at the Tiffany’s-hosted dinner at Il Buco last night. The fête, attended by a mix of fashion and media types including stylist Kate Young, Teen Vogue‘s Amy Astley, and LX TV’s Sara Gore, kicked off the jewelry company’s newly launched Web site, If the URL didn’t give away the theme, then there was a short film by Edward Burns to do the talking. The actor-cum-filmmaker pieced together several real-life When Harry Met Sally vignettes.

“We wanted to find couples where New York City figured in their engagement stories or romance,” Burns explained. “There’s been movies about New York City love stories since the twenties and thirties. It’s a city of endless possibility. You can go out any night and there’s this wild promise that tonight’s the night you can meet somebody.”

The city may be an ideal backdrop for lovers, but a little blue box can do wonders for the next step. “I think they should just sell the blue boxes to dudes,” Josh Radin, who flew in from L.A. to sing a couple love songs, suggested over the mic. For lesser materialists, balmy weather played its part. “Well, I just met a boy the other day, so summer must have something to do with it,” designer Victor Glemaud said with a laugh. To which Burns added, “Everybody’s in a better mood. People around the parks, they’re laying out in the sun. Especially in New York, we just came out of a brutal winter. Nice weather always helps.”

Photo: Leandro Justen /

Stella’s Expecting, Michael Kors Is Winning, Christophe Lemaire Is Showing, And More…


It’s a hat trick for Michael Kors: After being honored by the CFDA (with the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award) and the Fragrance Foundation (with induction to the Fragrance Hall of Fame), Kors scored his third nod, from the Cancer Research Institute for his work raising awareness about and funds for breast cancer. [WWD]

Stella McCartney is expecting! The designer revealed yesterday she’s pregnant with her fourth sure-to-be-adorable child with husband Alasdhair Wills. Congrats to the happy couple (and to all those moms thrilled for what another kid might mean for the extension of Stella’s GapKids line). [Vogue U.K.]

Christophe Lemaire, while creative-directing Lacoste and preparing to take the reins at Hermès womenswear, has somehow found time to show his own collection off-schedule at Couture week. It marks his first runway showing since 2003. [WWD]

Disney’s Toy Story 3 comes out tomorrow, and to celebrate (and merchandise, of course) the event, Disney has tapped designers to create special tees based on the characters. Victor Glemaud took on cowboy Woody, Cassette Playa did astronaut Buzz, and Costello Tagliapietra, Hamm the pig. They’re all available now at Revolve Clothing. [Fashionista]

Beyoncé is reportedly retiring the “Single Ladies” dance. “Single Ladies” dance, we hardly knew ye! Actually, that’s not true—we knew ye pretty well. New York magazine took a moment to remember the highs and lows of the dance craze, and its finest practitioners (from Justin Timberlake to Liza Minnelli). [NY Mag]

Photo: James Peltekian / Camera Press / Retna

Rebuilding Equipment


Once upon a time in the late seventies, Christian Restoin—the longtime partner of Carine Roitfeld—married the aesthetics of Network and disco with a line of breezy silk menswear-styled shirts for women called Equipment. Throughout the eighties and nineties, they were the linchpin day-to-night item in a smart city girl’s wardrobe. For a label to shutter because of family and business politics, as happened here, is a familiar nineties story. But it’s a promising one Equipment’s telling for the aughts: The line relaunches for Spring 2010.

Last night, Becka Diamond hosted the long-awaited unveiling at Saks, where designers Rebecca Minkoff and Victor Glemaud and stylist Keegan Singh stopped by to check out the action. Serge Azria—brother of Max, owner of Current/Elliott and Joie, and now informal “guardian” of Equipment—attended both the cocktail party and the intimate dinner that followed at Indochine. “Everyone here is too young to remember the original line,” he said, gesturing at the youthful attendees around him. “But ask your mothers—they will remember Equipment! And I guarantee you they loved it.” He reveals that Restoin, who remains connected to the newly relaunched brand, has kept every Equipment shirt ever created in his Paris archives—all 3,500 of them. Meanwhile, the 135 new Equipment styles do the brand’s “new vintage” legacy justice and integrate seamlessly into the tailored, menswear-inspired trends hitting New York’s runways this week. That’s something mothers and daughters alike can appreciate.

Equipment is currently available exclusively at Saks, and will come to Barneys later this spring.

Knit-Wit Victor Glemaud Packs The House For Earnest Sewn


Ah, the summer party. There’s really nothing that says “fun in the sun” like a four-course meal in a dimly lit Italian restaurant, followed by dancing in a basement. To hell with the glorious weather! That appears to be menswear designer Victor Glemaud’s attitude, anyway, and to judge by the turnout at last night’s dinner ‘n’ dancing celebration of his forthcoming collaboration with Earnest Sewn, pretty much every key up-and-comer in the fashion media orbit—and even Orlando Bloom, who made a brief cameo appearance with Oscar de la Renta’s Paul O’Regan—agrees. (That would include hosts Brian Coats of GQ and Treena Lombardo of W.) Out with the frozen mojitos and BBQ, in with bourbon cocktails and sirloin steak. “Well, it is a knitwear collaboration we’re doing,” commented a very dapper Glemaud between courses, as his pal Hanuk snapped a photo of him with model Cory Bond. Touché. And after the downstairs dance-a-thon deejayed by Spencer Sweeney had broken up, the appropriateness continued at the Jane hotel, where exiles from Glemaud’s joint capped off Bastille Day under the watchful eye of taxidermied monkeys and sheep.

Photo: Hanuk

blasblog: the good manners of kelly osbourne


News flash: Kelly Osbourne, the notoriously brassy middle child of rock god (and part-time fowl beheader) Ozzy Osbourne, has good manners. Her boyfriend, model Luke Worrall, not so much (at least not when it comes to a model’s fashion show etiquette; we can’t comment on his table habits). We ascertained this bit of information at Victor Glemaud’s menswear presentation on Friday afternoon at Milk Studios. Worrall, who has been making quite the rounds this season, was the very last model to show up and slip into Glemaud’s collection of fancy cashmere sweaters, short shorts, and brightly colored trousers (he’s the one with the I Love You Victor man-purse, left), gliding in just moments before the presentation was supposed to open to editors. But when his plaid-clad and bespectacled girlfriend tried to follow in afterward and was politely asked to wait with the rest of the crowd, there was no scene or tantrums. While everyone waited with bated breath—say it! Just say, “Do you know who I am?”—Osbourne, who only asked once if she could sneak in and deliver her better half’s belongings, just waited with the rest of us. Well-mannered she may have been, but she’s not above teasing; throughout the presentation she routinely made fun of Worrall’s poses. Ah, young model love.


Photo: Marcio Madeira