September 2 2014

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Hats On for Hat Day



I have a borderline compulsive addiction to headwear, so you can imagine my delight when I learned that today happens to be National Hat Day (yes, there is such a thing). Seeing as spring is just around the corner, I can’t fathom a better way to celebrate the holiday than by rounding up a few of the season’s best toppers—and there were many to choose from. Carolina Herrera, for instance, sent an oversize black-and-white sun hat with artful, abstract embroidery down her Spring ’14 runway. The classic color combo and dramatic swoosh of its brim are enough to make you feel like you’re sipping rosé on the French Riviera whenever you wear it. Hussein Chalayan‘s ingenious umbrella-hat hybrids are, in my opinion, essential accessories—what better way to brave spring’s showers than with a surreal, waterproof headpiece? Gareth Pugh‘s lavender ostrich chapeau, which looks like a cross between Sam the Eagle and a beefeater’s helmet, is screaming to be worn for a night out on the town (probably not to the theater, though), and Victoria Grant’s Burnout hat—a silver beret that’s garnished with two extra-long cigarettes and golden singe marks—would make quite the conversation piece (not to mention, it would be a fabulous complement to her Velvet Smoke number, which is currently hanging on the hat tree in my bedroom). Stephen Jones’ bedazzled, feather-embellished visor is the only option for a dolled-up game of tennis, and those desiring a bit of quirky glam need look no further than Piers Atkinson’s It’s My Party collection. The milliner’s Swarovski cupcake headband and nail-art-studded hyper cherries are my personal favorites, but in the event that I need to be incognito, this veiled style with an electric-pink mustache would be just the ticket.

Victoria Grant’s Sweet Treats


The fusion of fashion and art is a beautiful thing. Just ask London-based milliner Victoria Grant, whose irreverent Spring ’13 collection, a collaboration with British painter Antony Micallef, will feature in an exhibition at London’s HIX Soho next month (the eatery is known for championing artists and has, in the past, displayed works by Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, and more). Grant, who’s worked with fashion heavyweights like Karl Lagerfeld, Dolce & Gabbana, and Jean Paul Gaultier since launching her line six years ago, explains that her aesthetic is a blend of polished elegance, wicked wit and rock ‘n’ roll taste. This shines through in her Spring collection which, titled Sweet Paris, is, as Grant puts it, a wonderfully twisted play on “childhood, candy-colored fantasy.” An apt description, considering her toppers are printed with Micallef’s images of pastel cigarette boxes, pouty fuchsia lips and open lipstick tubes. She’s even included a bright red lip beret, as well as a pillbox stacked with a pyramid of smokes. “The hats we’ve made are commenting on our own vices,” says Micallef. “They all have a dark sense of humor about them but at the same time, are able to laugh at themselves.” In addition to serving as Grant’s inspiration, the artist worked on five one-off pieces, drizzling them with pink, white, orange, red and green paint that resembles frosting or sugar (a melting ice cream cone beret looks especially scrumptious).

Grant declared that her collaborative creative experience was “electric” and she hopes to keep the sparks flying for Fall ’13. For her new collection, which she’ll show during Paris Fashion Week, Grant has teamed up with stained glass artist John Reyntiens (the same stained glass artist who created a window in Westminster Hall in honor of the Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee). “The new hats may not be particularly functional,” laughs Grant. “But they’ll be wearable. And they’ll be works of art.”

Sweet Paris will be on view at London’s HIX Soho from February 14 through 19. Victoria Grant’s hats are available at Dagny & Barstow in New York, ACT Nightclub in Las Vegas, and at other select international retailers.