August 22 2014

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Net-a-Porter’s True Originals


Marina Abramovic's jumpsuits for Net-a-PorterAnyone pondering the future of couture needs to check out what Net-a-Porter is cooking up for fall. On Wednesday, Net-a-Porter’s fashion director, Holli Rogers, invited a handful of editors to the Palais de Tokyo to catch a glimpse of how the e-tailer is moving the needle: Come September, the site will be selling one-off couture-inspired creations by contemporary artists George Condo, Terence Koh, Vik Muniz, Marina Abramovic, and Mickalene Thomas. Dubbed Art Capsul, the project was curated by Stacy Engman, an art-world veteran and fashion devotee, who approached the artists about creating garments inspired by the tradition of haute couture. “I wanted the artists to use their artwork to conceive a garment from beginning to end,” said Engman. “The process in fashion and in art is very similar in that both artists and designers are striving to create visual experiences that did not exist before. But this project is about contemporary art, and that is about the future. It’s just that this is art that can be worn.” No fashion designer is affiliated with this project.

As it turns out, Abramovic had been mulling the idea for a couple of decades: Her “jumpsuit of the century” is actually a set of seven jumpsuits in various colors, inspired by the planets. (Mars is blue; Mercury, red; Venus, white; etc.) She strategically incorporated magnets into the wares for their energetic properties. Koh dreamed up a coat covered in 20,000 pearls of different sizes, while Condo delivered a cheeky little topper with fur trim and pom-pom ties. “The whole point was to challenge people’s ideas about what we’re doing,” explained Rogers. “It’s art, it’s fashion, and you can wear it if it suits you.” Not to mention your wallet: These pieces are slated to be sold at “art-world prices.” And while the price tags for these one-of-a-kind wares aren’t yet confirmed, we have a feeling that Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall ’13 Lava dress, which is set to retail on Net-a-Porter this month for about $48,873, might just seem like a steal in comparison.

Photo: Courtesy of Net-a-porter

Chanel And Tribeca Make Winning Even Sweeter


Winning big at the Tribeca Film Festival is a laurel on its own. But no reason to stop there—not, at least, when you’ve got the power of Bobby De Niro and company behind you. At this year’s festival, as in years past, winners in each of the 11 categories will be awarded a work of visual art to commemorate the achievement. This year’s donating artists, selected by the festival, include Yoko Ono, Vik Muniz, Stephen Hannock, and Clifford Ross. “The festival is a vehicle for all of what can be good about New York,” said Ross, whose work, along with that of the other 10 participating artists, is now hanging at Chanel’s Soho store. (They’ll be on view through May 2.) “The joy for me in donating my work is in contributing to the life of the festival. It’s also such an exciting concept for an artist to give another artist his or her work—it’s artist-to-artist connectivity.” The festival, he went on, “born out of the rubble of 9/11…has in fact, contributed to the resuscitation of lower New York.” From Ross’ archival print of a surging wave to Ono’s constructed bronze box to Hannock’s mixed-media Study: Northern City Renaissance (Mass MoCA 379K) (pictured, and originally commissioned by Sting, no less), the work is well worth fighting over. Excellence is its own reward, but it doesn’t have to be the only one.

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Photo: Stephen Hannock