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Jen Kao’s Italian Diary


New York-based designer Jen Kao was selected by Vogue Italia‘s Franca Sozzani and the buyers at for the Vogue Talents Corner installation in Milan. While in Italy, Kao took full advantage of the situation to do a little traveling and more than a little shopping. She shares some of her snaps and memories, below.

“We arrived in Milan for the Vogue Talents Exhibition curated by Vogue Italia and After spending the first day setting up, we headed back to Palazzo Morando to meet Franca Sozzani and pose for pictures with the other designers. A dream list of guests passed through to the check out the collection, including, but not limited to, Anna Dello Russo, Margherita Missoni and Giovanna Battaglia (above), Anne Christensen, Donatella Versace, Suzy Menkes, Linda Fargo, Sally Singer, Dan and Dean of Dsquared², and Roberto Cavalli.”

“Checked in for some meetings at my booth, and then made the most necessary pit stop—at Prada! How can you choose from all the fascinating shades of caterpillar fox stoles, especially when they were made available to the public just as I walked in! I also wasn’t able to make my way out without a pair of blue and white swirly shades and black espadrille platform wingtips. That evening, we hosted a dinner for some friends at Da Giacomo (below). The food was more than something to write home about, the conversation even better, and the atmosphere better still—there’s always something to see. Case in point? Up in the right corner, paintings of personified carrots in tuxedos. And over there to the left, the most amazing vintage, printed ponyhair coat. Continue Reading “Jen Kao’s Italian Diary” »

The Next Dimension Of Miranda Kerr, The Perfect Cuff For Suedeheads, Closets Of The Rich And Fabulous, And More…


Are we seeing more Miranda Kerr than usual? Actually, with the Australian Angel’s new Steven Meisel-shot Vogue Italia cover (pictured), we are—it’s the first fashion mag in 3-D! [Vogue Italia]

Louis Vuitton’s “Core Values” ad campaign soldiers on with three new stars: Bono, wife Ali Hewson, and (gasp!) some non-LV apparel. Hewson and Bono wear items from their eco-friendly (and LVMH-owned) Edun line in the new shots, along with Vuitton’s own goods (and the first-ever made-in-Africa Vuitton piece—the dangling charm hanging off Hewson’s bag). [WWD]

Does anyone need a Tom Binns cuff emblazoned with the complete lyrics to the Smiths’ “How Soon Is Now?” Probably not. But are we glad Racked turned it up? Absolutely. [Racked]

Take a tour through the L.A. home of Decades’ Cameron Silver. Try not to be too jealous of his shoe closet. Just try. [Opening Ceremony via Refinery 29]

Photo: Steven Meisel/Courtesy of Vogue Italia

Blasblog: Guinness and Klein for Vogue Italia, Part Due!


When Daphne Guinness told me she was a frequent house guest at Steven Klein’s Bridgehampton farm this summer, and when she showed up on his arm at the ACRIA event last month, I figured she might have a few tricks up her handsewn sleeve. After all, the last time she and Klein spent large amounts of time together, it culminated in the September 2008 cover and 26-page story in Vogue Italia‘s couture supplement. This is why, when word trickled down that she and Klein had again mixed friendship with business, I picked up the phone and tracked down the quirky Brit in Maui to get the scoop. (The fashion personality, who recently added parfumeur to her lengthy résumé, is there currently working on yet another project with an unnamed photographer.) “Yes, we’ve created something new,” she confirmed about Klein. “But something different; something darker and moodier. A new side of me.” Guinness stayed light on the details but did divulge that the images Klein snapped in July will make up another 20-plus-page editorial for Vogue Italia‘s September issue, and that Patti Wilson and François Nars were respectively on styling and makeup duty. She also coyly revealed that the storyboards were based on a sixties-era cult French film, though she wouldn’t say which one. “Half the fun is figuring it out,” she said. She was, however, somewhat more forthcoming on her esteem for Klein. “He just understands me,” she explained. “This sort of thing is so easy when you’re working with people you love, and who have the same frame of references. I adore him, and he’s such a sweet, kind person.” She added, nearly forgetting, “Oh, yeah, and he’s a brilliant photographer!”

Photo: Billy Farrell / Patrick McMullan

Loved By Kanye, De Jesus Walks


It’s not often a new face catches the eye of Kanye West before our own, but such is the career trajectory of Major’s Daniela de Jesus, who confusingly also goes by the name Daniela Cosio. The exotic Mexican beauty has enjoyed a steady presence in the lad mags— hence Kanye’s effusive shout-out in his blog—but this long-limbed looker is poised for a high fashion run. On the heels of a Bruce Weber-shot editorial for Vogue Italia comes an appearance at last week’s Giambattista Valli pre-fall show in Florence. Could she be next season’s Arlenis Sosa? Stay tuned to find out.

Photo: Stefano Masse / SGP