August 23 2014

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Public School Gangs Up on Denim


Public School's Mavericks Vest

Public School’s ascension to fashion’s main stage was all but assured when it took home the CFDA’s Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent in Menswear in May. But Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow haven’t lost their under-the-radar sheen. Their crowd may be larger than it used to be, but it’s still got the feel of an upstart gang, which made them a natural choice when W Hotels was looking for a design counterpart to the kickoff of its summer music series W Gangs of New York. Tonight, in an homage to the cult 1979 film The Warriors, where rival gangs fought for control of New York, rival bands including Yeasayer, the Virgins, and Grandmaster Flash will face off. And because no gang is complete without a uniform, Osborne and Chow created eight exclusive denim jackets and vests for the occasion, which will be sold as part of the designers’ younger Black Apple diffusion label. “We were immediately drawn to the New York story of The Warriors, of course,” Chow explained, “but what really resonated was this idea of a group of friends surviving in the big city and trying to make a name for themselves. That’s essentially our story.”

“The movie had this amazing energy, beauty, and grit all clashing together,” Osborne added. ” We thought, that’s what Black Apple is! That’s the same energy we tried to communicate through these jackets. We wanted that clash.” The clash continues—musically, at least—Sunday nights all summer long as the live performance series continues, but the jackets are limited to 8 pieces.

Black Apple’s Warriors jackets will be available from tomorrow, July 10 on W Hotels’ website. Prices start at $250.

Photo: Courtesy Photo

Designer Diary: Whitney Pozgay’s Postcard from Bali


As a member of the CFDA’s Fashion Incubator program, WHIT designer Whitney Pozgay was sent on an inspiration trip to Bali. Here, she shares the details of her tropical adventure exclusively with

As part of the CFDA’s partnership with W Hotels, we traveled to Bali for inspiration and were humbled by the experience and the unending parade of artistry. Drive anywhere on the island and your head will spin—there’s so much to take in. We were joined by our two buds Marcy Roberts and her husband, photographer Greg Vore, who captured some special moments. The godmother of fashion, the CFDA’s Lisa Smilor, was also with us for the first leg of the trip. We began in Seminyak, a bustling beach town with lovely restaurants. On a day trip, we were given a tour of an ikat factory in a small village. It was wonderful to see such intricate weaving being done by hand. Then we shot up to Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, where we wandered around winding streets, ducking into shops with expertly crafted carvings and textiles. After a relaxing jaunt to the north coast, we met my husband’s sister, who flew in from Singapore, and posted up at a villa in Keliki that was surrounded by rice terraces. We left Bali too soon; we fell in love and can’t wait to go back.

On our first morning, we were up before sunrise to see a temple on the eastern coast and got our first view of rice terraces.

It’s something to see a mass of ducks being herded across a busy highway. They obediently follow a red flag on a stick and spend their days in rice ponds.

Beautiful religious offerings are made daily and placed all around—so many you really have to watch your step. The contents of the handmade boxes symbolize the elements, a token of gratitude to the spirit world, and the hope of good Karma. Continue Reading “Designer Diary: Whitney Pozgay’s Postcard from Bali” »

Lose The Clothes, Keep The Clutch


Accessories designer Reece Solomon likes to keep the stakes high. This time around, with her Spring 2013 short film (made in collaboration with BlackBook, directed by Jenna Elizabeth), she upped the ante with a game of strip poker. “We were intrigued by the proposition of a game, played by a group of people either during or after a party,” the designer behind the New York-based Reece Hudson label tells “Strip poker became the obvious choice as it’s fun and stressful at the same time, and the ante of clothing created asexual, moody playfulness as well as an opportunity to showcase a woman’s bag as her most prized possession—the contents of which are so personal to her, that it’s less revealing to lose her clothes than her clutch, for example.” In the film, entitled All In, you’ll spot models Carola Remer, Codie Young, and Jamie Strachan, and actors Brady Corbet and Rebecca Dayan. The short’s other stars: Solomon’s latest bags, including the Bondage Miniaudière, the Rogue clutch, and the Bowery Oversized Zip Top Clutch (all of which land at Barneys this February). Before the film makes its official debut at tonight’s private dinner at the W Union Square (where the film was shot), has the exclusive first look at the teaser, above.

W Hotels’ Fashion Next: Jenne Lombardo


Jenne Lombardo, the director and curator of MAC & Milk, and the founder of The Terminal Presents, has a new title to add to her résumé: W Hotels’ global fashion director. For the past 12 years, W Hotels has dipped its toes in various fashion initiatives, from collaborations with the likes of Simon Doonan, Michael Kors, and Diane von Furstenberg to its own program in support of rising designers, Fashion Next. The trendsetting hotel is now looking to Lombardo to elevate its fashion program to a whole new level.

“I’m walking into an incredible infrastructure,” Lombardo tells “At an early stage in their brand, they were able to identify the need for support and funding in music, fashion, art, and design, and it’s continued to evolve with the right players who are really supporting this growth.”

Now, it’s Lombardo’s turn to make some noise. She hasn’t wasted time making moves. Already, she has selected a promising group of six designers for this year’s Fashion Next program, including Juan Carlos Obando, Nomia, Bibhu Mohapatra, Michael Angel, Rochambeau, and Electric Feathers.

“Right now, it’s in the infancy of what we are going to do,” she says of the W fashion program. “The important thing for us is to understand where the designers’ strengths lie and where they need additional support.”

Already, W Hotels is underwriting the entire cost for the designers’ runway shows, providing funding for hair and makeup and free catering. Lombardo also stressed using the hotels’ stores as distribution points and collaborating with the designers to create hotel staff uniforms, as “W Hotels has done in the past.”

W Hotels is leaning on Lombardo expand its global fashion presence, but the former MAC exec says it’s a symbiotic scenario. “A room at the W Hotel Union Square—it’s my ultimate fashion week survival tip,” she admits. “I have three kids, so it’s nice to have somewhere to go that is clean and quiet to go afterwards that doesn’t have peanut butter on it.”

Photo: Samantha Casolari

The W Hotels Scout Out The Next Big Things


For any budding fashion line, finding funding is nothing short of a godsend. “It was the best Christmas gift,” Mara Hoffman raved about being selected for the W Hotels’ Fashion Next program. “I found out in December right before everybody headed off for the holidays.” Along with fellow colleagues Tess Giberson, Mandy Coon, Frank Tell, and Michael Angel, Hoffman toasted their selection in a penthouse last night at the W’s Times Square location. There was much to celebrate: The lucky few won a coveted sponsorship of their Fall 2011 show at the Box in Lincoln Center.

Going two seasons strong, W’s fashion director, Amanda Ross (above, with the designers), once again spearheaded the effort. “We wanted a group where each designer had their own sense of style—it’s a mix of sophisticated and bohemian—but were at similar points in their careers,” Ross explained. Young labels hoping to win Ross’ eye for the next installation will have to catch her hop-scotching around town for New York fashion week. Aside from styling for her friend of 20 years, Gregory Parkinson, she’ll be fitting in “as many shows as she can.” “I just hope there isn’t a snowstorm,” Ross said, half-jokingly. “Otherwise we’ll all have a tough time planning what to wear.”

A slushy winter or not, it appears New York is still the place to be. “I’ve been coming here off and on for the last 12 years,” said Texas native Mandy Coon. “As a young designer, it’s the most comfortable because the community here is open to new ideas.” Would she ever decamp to a designer-luring European city, like London or Paris? “I wouldn’t,” Coon declared. “For me, it’s all about this city. There’s a lot of momentum here.”

Photo: Billy Farrell /