August 22 2014

styledotcom Ultra-luxe leather goods label Parabellum sets up shop on Melrose:

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Drag Queens, Credit Card Debt, and Fashion’s Rising Stars


Rising Star Winners

“Think of me as sort of a gay male version of Maggie Smith’s character on Downton Abbey,” said Simon Doonan while smiling onstage at Cipriani’s yesterday afternoon. “I’m going to give you some life tips. Rising stars, are you listening?” And so began the 17th Annual Rising Star Awards, an industry event that drew the likes of Anndra Neen’s Annette and Phoebe Stephens, Warby Parker’s Neil Blumenthal and David Gilboa, and NARS’ Sara Zucker to celebrate emerging talent in fashion, beauty, jewelry and accessories, business, and design.

“Thank God for menswear, otherwise I would be freezing my ass off on days like today!” exclaimed Hal Rubenstein before presenting the menswear award to Pyer Moss’ tear-stricken Kerby Jean-Raymond and a very surprised Ian Velardi. “I really didn’t expect to be up here, so I have nothing to say,” offered the former. “But I do want to thank my girlfriend for allowing me to max out all of our credit cards. I promise you that I’m gonna buy you a ring after we pay off Chase, American Express, Capital One, and every other credit union who ever lent us money.”

Honor’s Giovanna Randall later received the womenswear award from a fanny-pack-totting Stephen Burrows, who wore his sunglasses onstage. The accessories prize, meanwhile, was handed to Edmundo Castillo. “Of course you want it, but you never know…” he whispered after leaving the podium.

We have to imagine that, as they left the luncheon, all the event’s guests felt like winners—after all, they had been privy to Doonan’s sacred life tips. His best advice? “Always make sure that you have at least one drag queen in your orbit. They’re very inspiring.”

Photo: Courtesy of Rising Star Awards 

Google Sees Its Glass Half Full


If Chanel’s Couture trainers taught us anything, it’s that you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality. Unfortunately, this marriage of fashion and function has been difficult to digest when it comes to wearable tech. For its latest upgrade, Google’s Internet-enabled Glass eyewear will roll out prescription lenses, available in four frame styles (Bold, Curve, Thin, and Split) with the option of two tints (Classic and Edge). Add that to Glass’ original designs, and wearers will have forty combinations of colors, frames, and shades to choose from, CNET reports.

While those in the market for Google Glass will now be spoilt for choice (as evidenced by the above short showcasing the new frames), the glasses still fail to strike that balance between style and functionality. The Internet goliath probably isn’t terribly concerned about that just yet, since Glass is available only to those in its Explorer program (with an entry fee of $1,500). But with the company’s plans to take Glass to the public market come late 2014, we suggest that Google makes those Warby Parker collaboration rumors a reality.

Mint Your Own Minter


RxArt's new coloring bookThe nonprofit RxArt is dedicated to bringing art into hospitals and health care facilities to raise patients’ spirits. But it’s nice to remember that the charity doesn’t observe only the see-but-don’t-touch approach to fine art. In addition to commissioning installations, RxArt also publishes an annual coloring book, illustrated with line drawings from such artists as Marilyn Minter, Laurie Simmons, Richard Prince, and Christian Marclay, to distribute to the younger clients it serves. This year’s edition, sponsored by Warby Parker, includes peel-off stickers by Ai Weiwei and a pair of cutout glasses by Parker, too. Want to get your hands on one? In addition to being donated to children in RxArt’s participating facilities, it is also sold to benefit the organization on and at Warby Parker outlets nationwide beginning November 13. Minter’s and Simmons’ pages debut exclusively here. A little crayoning goes a long way.

Marilyn Minter's pages from the new RxArt coloring book

Illustrations: Marilyn Minter, Courtesy of Warby Parker

Paltrow and McCartney’s Magical Mystery Collab


Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney Host an English Garden Party for GoopIt seems that Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site, Goop—which has, in the past, collaborated with the likes of Warby Parker, Clare Vivier, and Butter London—has a new project in the works with Stella McCartney. While the Telegraph speculates about the details of the partnership—Sportswear? Lingerie? Skincare?—all we know, per the site’s homepage, is that it’s launching in September. As if next month isn’t busy enough, we’ll also be tuning in on the first to get the scoop on Goop.

Photos: Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

Warby Parker’s Westward Expansion


Warby Parker Store

Warby Parker may have launched its sunglasses and specs exclusively online in 2010, but the brand is showing some serious dedication to brick-and-mortar. Fresh on the heels of a three-store retail rollout in Manhattan and Boston, the eyewear label—which was cofounded by Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, Jeffrey Raider, and David Gilboa—is opening its Los Angeles flagship this week inside the lobby of The Standard, Hollywood. “Los Angeles is our second-biggest market, after New York,” Blumenthal told “And in terms of national and global influence, we think that Los Angeles is a great cultural city that we want to be a part of—a community of vibrancy.”

Designed by Partners & Spade—the firm behind the New York stores—the new space boasts a sleek maple compound and powder-coated metal, which provide the perfect contrast to the bustle of Sunset Boulevard outside. In fact, the storied street served as an inspiration for the design. “Our stores tend to be slightly different, in that we take influences from the community around us,” Blumenthal offered. Set among the cases of frames are curated books from fourteen independent publishers, along with a backgammon table.

Behind the glasses stands the specially commissioned mural by local artist Geoff McFetridge, whose work for Chocolate Skateboards in the nineties put him on the map. “Geoff had done a ton of work with The Standard, and his designs have been incorporated into the carpeting and other aspects of the hotel, so it’s a perfect marriage,” said Blumenthal. Needless to say, the store embodies Warby Parker’s authentic spirit. Take a first look inside the boutique here, exclusively on

Photo: Courtesy of Warby Parker