August 27 2014

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Pugh En Pointe


Ask Gareth Pugh to design a tutu, and don’t expect him to churn out anything resembling a classic, pink tulle skirted number. That’s exactly why choreographer Wayne McGregor selected the designer (who took ballet lessons as a child) to create costumes for his new ballet Carbon Life, opening at London’s Royal Opera House tomorrow. Pugh tells the Telegraph, “Wayne’s […] only thing was to say that he never works with point shoes and tutus. He really wanted to see what my version of those things would be.” According to Pugh, the ballet follows the company “from the naïveté of when they’re born, through their relationships, to what they become. I wanted [to convey] that in the costumes, so everybody starts naked, then evolves.” Here, a glimpse of the jagged-edged, black ensemble the designer made for the ballet. And reportedly, those pointe shoes aren’t as confining as they might appear—the designer says the dancers “haven’t had any problems” with the costumes.

Photo: Telegraph