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Jourdan Dunn and 2 Chainz Try to Make Some Dinner


Jourdan Dunn spiced up the season-two finale of her YouTube cooking show, Well Dunn, with guest star and self-proclaimed “food porn” lover 2 Chainz. In the episode, the culinary couple cook up beer-steamed crab legs, a recipe from the rapper’s new cookbook, #MEALTIME. As a true testament to skill swapping, Dunn lends her rap talent to a food-inspired remake of 2 Chainz’s “No Lie.” Do Dunn’s rhymes warrant an entire mix tape? According to 2 Chainz, “Hell no.”

It’s Her Party, and She’ll Have Dunn if She Wants To


A still from Jessie J's new video, It's My Party

The music video for Jessie J’s new single, It’s My Party, features an animated cameo from Jourdan Dunn. We’re guessing the catwalker needed a dance break from her cooking show on Jay-Z’s YouTube channel. Well Dunn.

Been There, Dunn That


“Everybody, including myself, thought it was a bit random,” said Jourdan Dunn of her new cooking show, Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn, which debuted on Jay-Z’s Life + Times YouTube channel last week. “But that’s what I liked about the project to begin with. Nobody saw it coming.”

After the first episode, 60,000 viewers (and counting) immediately understood that the show was less about Dunn’s culinary skills and more about showcasing the 22-year-old model’s feisty, laugh-a-minute personality. While preparing a jerk pork belly dish inspired by her Jamaican roots, Dunn had garlic cloves flying around the kitchen. Her hair was in her face, and she even sliced one of her nails. “Before signing on to do [the show], my mom was like, ‘Are you ready for the whole world to know that you’re basically an idiot?’ And I thought, ‘Well yeah, I am ready,” she laughed. “The show was a way to share myself with my fans while doing something that I love: cooking.”

Dunn explained that the series will feature meals she regularly serves at home. Sweet and sour spare ribs, buffalo wings, a spicy Thai beef salad, and baked fish with Indian spices and tomatoes will all make appearances. The model, however, is hesitant to reveal the recipe for her 3-year-old son Riley’s favorite dish: macaroni and cheese. “My mac and cheese is kind of special and I wasn’t sure that I wanted everybody to know how to make it. We’re talking about a second season of Well Dunn [which would potentially include model friends like Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne], and maybe I’ll let the secret out then.” She did give us one hint: “Most people only use one kind of cheese but I make it with about five different ones, so it’s really cheesy.”

All in all, it’s been an even busier year than usual for Dunn, who recently made her Victoria’s Secret debut and shot the ad campaign for Rihanna’s forthcoming River Island clothing line. “Rihanna was really cool. During the shoot, she said, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe you have a son.’ I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe you know that I have a son or even know who I am!’ ” Between cooking on Jay-Z’s channel and modeling for Rihanna, we’d say Dunn is officially part of the Def Jam family. So what’s next? “I was thinking about rapping,” Dunn mused. While you’re waiting for her potential lyrical debut, you can catch the second episode of Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn on Life + Times on Monday.

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Well Dunn


Brit catwalker Jourdan Dunn is getting her own television show, courtesy of Jay-Z. It won’t be of the sartorial sort, however. The model, who appeared on the runway this season at Burberry, Emilio Pucci, Gareth Pugh, and more, is going to be showing off her kitchen know-how with her series, a part of the rapper’s newly relaunched YouTube channel Life + Times. got in touch with the supe (in between her photo shoot today) to talk about her latest project, called Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn. “I wanted to show people what I am really like, and to feel like they were sitting in my kitchen with me, getting to know me and the food I love to cook,” she says, admitting she’s also a little nervous about the whole thing. “For me, family is everything. My memories of cooking Jamaican food with my mother and grandmother are some of my happiest. Living in New York and London, there are great restaurants, but there is still nothing like my family cooking.” The air date is not yet known, but we sure hope to see some of her model pals join her on the show.

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