August 28 2014

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Moza’s Mirrors On The Wall


Truth by Moza Saracho

Considering the Facebook age has spawned a savvy breed of well-branded narcissists, “vanity” is something with which we’re all familiar. Self-reflection, however, feels a bit more foreign. It’s the link between these two concepts that Mexican artist Moza Saracho investigates through her latest series of works, Mirrors by Moza.

“I’ve been fascinated by mirrors since I was young,” said Saracho, 34. “I believe mirrors are very strong, and they show you your weakest parts.” That’s what Saracho hopes onlookers will see when they gaze into her creations, like Truth—a colorful collection of seven-foot-tall resin hand mirrors. “In a world with so much technology, we’re left with very little time to stop and say, ‘OK, who am I?’ I want people to stop looking at themselves for just a moment and ask, ‘What do I reflect?’” offered the artist, who designed sets for the likes of fashion designer Christian Cota, as well as Vogue, before launching her career in the art world. Continue Reading “Moza’s Mirrors On The Wall” »