April 19 2014

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Designer Diary: Jason Wu’s Postcard from Coachella


Last weekend, Jason Wu headed to Indio to experience Coachella for the very first time. Here, the designer shares the details of his festival adventure, exclusively with

I was very excited to be a first-timer at Coachella this year. It is always so inspiring to see new things, and after hearing so much about it from friends, I decided to take the plunge! I arrived at the Parker Palm Springs and was greeted by its iconic white façade and orange doors. The weather was a delightful ninety degrees, which was a welcomed change from the often rainy New York we’ve been seeing this year.

On day one, I immediately ran into a familiar face: Chanel Iman! We’ve been friends since we were both just starting out in the industry. We haven’t seen each other since my Fall 2013 show, where she made a rare runway comeback for old times’ sake!

One of the bands I was most excited to see, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, take the stage in front of a throng of fans.

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Karen O Unzipped: Christian Joy on Dressing Rock Royalty


It can’t be easy to dress an onstage style icon, but costume designer Christian Joy—who’s been creating killer (and often eccentric) costumes for Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O since 2001—has got it down pat. For Karen’s performance at the first weekend of this year’s Coachella festival, Joy outfitted the singer with a lacquer-shiny cape, one studded glove, and a matching papal headpiece (above). Here, talks to the designer about what it takes to dress a rock goddess.

Tell me about Karen’s outfit. Was that created especially for Coachella?
Yes, the costume I made for Coachella was specifically designed for it. In the beginning, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were meant to go on towards sunset, so all of the fabrics were chosen to reflect the sun and really glow against the desert sky. The cape and headpiece were meant to be a little “pope,” to go with the song “Sacrilege.”

What do you have to consider when picking out costumes for the stage?
The two main things I always think about when creating Karen’s costumes are color and movement. I think it’s important not only for Karen to be able to move easily but also what kind of movement can be created. I always love a dramatic cape for that reason. Color is also always important. I hardly ever use black unless it’s highly contrasted. I think color gives the performer a lot of energy, and it makes the crowd feel excited and happy. As far as shiny goes, it can never be too shiny!

Which designers does Karen gravitate toward?
I make all of her stage costumes, but offstage she generally goes for vintage. Continue Reading “Karen O Unzipped: Christian Joy on Dressing Rock Royalty” »

MoMA Brings Mayor Bloomberg, Hugh Jackman, And Karen O Together At Last


“I’m only here for one reason,” said Hugh Jackman. “To get this party started.”

Mission accomplished. Jackman was at MoMA to announce Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who gave a raucous performance for a crowd that included Mayor Bloomberg and about as many art-world heavies as are allowed in one room at one time. The dress code was black tie, but MoMA being MoMA, a few took it with a grain of salt. Chuck Close was wearing his tuxedo jacket but shrugged off sartorial inquiries to talk about his gorgeous companion, Sienna (she, for the record, was wearing a taupe raw-silk dress). And more than a few ladies piled on the color: Karen O, onstage, opted for a riot-colored batwing-sleeved tunic dress (pictured); Nicole Miller, in the crowd, was wearing a layered blue and green gown. Ronald Lauder, the evening’s honoree (along with Jo Carole Lauder), surveyed the crowd with a smile. “I very much approve,” he said. “They are beautiful.” As arguably the U.S.’s premiere beauty magnate, he should know.

Photo: Will Ragozzino / Patrick McMullan

A Yellow Birdie Told Us


London might have lured Matthew Williamson and Jonathan Saunders back home (for a season at least), but the Bowery has scored British pop sensation Little Boots. Otherwise known as Victoria Christina Hesketh (no relation to Sophia), Little Boots will play to a sold out crowd on the 16th. If you missed out on tickets, or will be otherwise occupied at the Roger Vivier and Gucci parties that night, not to worry: LB has designed a T-shirt for The Yellow Bird Project, a Canadian charity organization that makes tees with musicians and donates the proceeds to the creative’s charity of choice (in Hesketh’s case, it’s Music Is Power and British Heart Foundation). The YBP has also just released The Indie Rock Coloring Book, with images inspired by and in conjunction with artists such as Devendra Banhart, Rilo Kiley, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and MGMT. Prepare your crayons now. More information here: