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Zosia Mamet Celebrates Spring With Honor


“I was thinking of fireflies and a summer wedding…or a funeral,” recalled Honor’s Giovanna Randall. “Something under the stars, a mysterious event, a nighttime party—the idea that sad times and really happy times bring people together.” The designer is talking about the origins of her Spring ’14 collection—a moodily feminine assortment of barely decaying lace and vintage-fabric-adapted, botanical-printed pieces—and the inspiration for the range’s new film, which debuts here. Written and directed by Honor cofounder Rachel Fleit, the short follows a grief-stricken girl (none other than Girls star Zosia Mamet) as she bakes a cake for a lost friend (Zoe Kazan) and conjures up the friend from the grave for a midnight birthday celebration.

It’s an eerie, bewitching trip through loss and celebration, a sort of mystical evening set in a weathered, Secret Garden-style mansion. “Giovanna and I have both experienced the loss of important women in our lives since we started Honor,” explained Fleit. “I had this on my mind when I was writing the script—what it would be like if we could bring them back to the physical world for an evening. I imagined we’d dance around in fabulous dresses, eat lots of cake, and just be with each other…all the best things.”

For Mamet, the short was equally emotionally charged. “The role was one of a girl experiencing true loneliness,” she said. As for the clothes, which, unlike in most fashion films, take a back seat to the plot, “I’m not a very girly girl, but I do enjoy embracing my femininity,” Mamet offered. “I think Giovanna’s clothes do that to a T. They always make me feel beautiful.”

Benefit At The Bowery


Even though Carey Mulligan couldn’t make it to last night’s third annual Lincoln Center Institute’s Junior Spring Benefit, an event with the actress’ name on the bill as one of its chairs is sure to be a chic one. On that note, it didn’t disappoint, with its host of DVF-clad (the designer sponsored the event and DVF creative director Yvan Mispelaere was an event chair) actresses and co-chairs, Zoe Kazan (pictured, right), Mamie Gummer (pictured, left), Grace Gummer, and Lily Rabe, along with Lily Kwong, Michelle Harper, and Chelsea Leyland, all turning out to the Bowery Hotel for the cause.

“Doesn’t she look sexy? Look at that dress and she got a new haircut—very sexy,” mused Paul Dano as he looked at his girlfriend Kazan. “We haven’t seen each other in three weeks and we are going to be away from each other for the next five. I just flew in for this and fly back to L.A. tomorrow because I’m about to start shooting a movie called The Pretty One,” said Kazan, who will see Dano again when they reunite for their press tour of Ruby Sparks (written by Kazan; the two also play a couple in it). “We just get two days together but it’s nice, though…it keeps things spicy.”

At dinner on the second floor, it was actor and event chair Rightor Doyle who made sure to keep things extra spicy. “For those of you who haven’t slept with me, my name is Rightor Doyle. Most of you are like, ‘Who?’ I am here for Carey Mulligan so this is the best you got. On a serious note, you guys aren’t getting drunk and having dinner for fun, it’s for charity or whatever.” Proceeds from the event benefit the Lincoln Center Institute, supporting arts in education. Recalling one of his early experiences with the arts in school, Dano said, “I remember having to do music class when I was young, and that feeling like you had to pee your pants so badly but then you do it and it feels so good. I had stage fright then and I still do.”

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Zoe Kazan, Lily Rabe, And Mamie Gummer Know How To Dress The Part


They were made for the stage. And while many of their contemporaries are content to hoof it to Hollywood and make a play for screentime, up-and-coming actresses (and friends) Zoe Kazan, Lily Rabe, and Mamie Gummer (left to right)—screen veterans all, too, by the way—are happy to be in New York, treading the boards. All from theatrical stock—Gummer is the daughter of Meryl Streep; Rabe, of playwright David Rabe and actress Jill Clayburgh; and Kazan, the granddaughter of legendary director Elia Kazan—each has a long list of Broadway and stage credits to her name. (Kazan is currently starring opposite Christopher Walken on Broadway in A Behanding in Spokane; Rabe is in rehearsals for The Merchant of Venice at Shakespeare in the Park this summer, where she’ll play off one Al Pacino.) They also have, as it happens, a semi-professional interest in fashion. At our interview in the theater district (the better for Kazan to make her evening curtain), Zoe wore a Gary Graham tee and Valentino heels, Mamie an Acne shift and Slow and Steady Wins the Race laceups, and Lily a Valentino dress. No accident on the big V—all three are on the committee for Monday’s Valentino-sponsored Junior Spring Lincoln Center Institute Benefit. We sat down with the actresses for a talk about stage, screen, and sneakers—a key tool, as it turns out, in an actress’ arsenal.

The three of you, in addition to being longtime friends, are all on the benefit committee for Monday’s Lincoln Center Institute benefit. Can you tell us a little about the event?
Mamie Gummer: The Lincoln Center Institute promotes art education in schools, integrating music and art into all subjects. The example that Serena [Merriman, fellow committee member] always gives is, you play a Nina Simone song at the beginning of the school year, and then, for example, study the rhythm for mathematics…I feel like I would’ve liked math a little bit more if it had been centered on a song.
Zoe Kazan: Coming from creative families, we were all nurtured in our creativity, but most people aren’t.

Valentino’s sponsoring, and dressing you. That’s exciting to us—but are you into fashion, too?
Lily Rabe: Listen, who doesn’t love Valentino? [Laughs.]
MG: It’s almost intrinsically connected now, this business and fashion. You don’t really have a choice—you have to be passionate about fashion.
ZK: Acting is playing dress-up, and fashion is a larger extension of that. Another costume.

Do you have similar taste?
MG: We all have very good taste. [Laughs.]
LR: I feel like we’d happy to raid each other’s closets, but we probably have different tastes. But I can’t imagine [we wouldn’t find something]…
ZK: I think we’d do fine.
MG: My closet is all Opening Ceremony, Steven Alan…I’m a one-stop shopper. Continue Reading “Zoe Kazan, Lily Rabe, And Mamie Gummer Know How To Dress The Part” »

A Mad-Off At The Met Ball, Sex‘s Secrets, And More


News about the Met ball continues to pour in: It’ll be a battle of the Mad women, when Stefano Pilati brings January Jones and Tommy Hilfiger brings Christina Hendricks. The redhead will be in good company; Hilfiger is also said to have Mick Jagger and L’Wren Scott, John Currin, Zoe Kazan, Peter Som, and Jimmy Fallon at his table. Michael Kors goes for the catwalkers, hosting Carolyn Murphy, Natasha Poly, Chanel Iman, and former model/actresses Brooke Shields and Diane Lane, and Ralph Lauren will sit with Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel, and Justin Timberlake. [WWD]

Chez YSL—Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé’s apartment, that is—is on the market. $31.4 million buys you a library, a music room, a gym, and plenty of mirrors. [Hint Mag]

The latest addition to Louis Vuitton’s stable of “Icons” for its heritage ad campaign? If the rumors are to be believed, Bono. Coincidentally (or not), Vuitton parent LVMH recently acquired Bono and wife Ali Hewson’s eco-friendly Edun label. [WWD]

More from the Sex and the City 2 front: For her first appearance onscreen, SJP wears (gasp!) Halston. Costume designer Pat Field also had to contend with the Middle Eastern prohibition on exposed shoulders when working on the Abu Dhabi-set film. [L.A. Times via Racked]

And speaking of SATC2, its stars have signed multimillion-dollar contracts not to reveal plot secrets. “I’ve signed my life away to say I won’t tell. I thought: ‘You have got to be kidding! This isn’t state secrets, it’s the f****** script for a movie!” said Samantha, er, Kim Cattrall. (Throw in a couple f******s and it can be hard to tell the difference.) [Vogue U.K.]

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Young Hollywood Takes A New Spot: Behind The Camera


With the Tribeca Film Festival still two weeks away, the Gen Art Film Festival (which kicked off last night) arrived as a sort of youth-oriented preamble. One notable thing about this year’s edition is the number of familiar names turning up in the same unfamiliar place: behind the camera. Consider it a spring coming-out party for directorial debuts. Among the debutantes: Tatiana von Furstenberg, fashion photographer Patrick Hoelck, and Adrian Grenier, whose documentary Teenage Paparazzo explores America’s obsession with celebrities.

The main event last night, which had Malin Akerman and Richie Rich walking the carpet at the Ziegfeld, was Happythankyoumoreplease. Written and directed by first-time filmmaker Josh Radnor (pictured), star of the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother, it’s a Manhattan ensemble dramedy starring, among others, Akerman, Kate Mara, and Zoe Kazan, who made time for last night’s premiere between performances of A Behanding in Spokane, the play she’s in alongside Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell. “Josh is really writing from an honest place. He put a lot of true stories—his stories, other people’s stories—into the background of the movie,” she explained. “It was very easy to act, because so many of those conversations I’ve actually had.” The coming week will give Radnor’s fellow first-timers a chance to show the world (or, at least, New York) whether their efforts ring as true.

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