Though I grew up and am based in London, in my head I live in an imaginary world where it’s sunny all the time! Hence, I decided to start a brand called PRISM, making sunglasses, swimwear, espadrilles, bags—all summerwear or travel-related products.

We just got all the final images back from our Resort ’14 lookbook shoot. We shot it a couple of weeks ago in Brooklyn. We were super lucky with the weather and were shooting on one of the only really sunny days while we were there for market! My old friend Alessio Boni shot it, and we used this great girl, Tess from Ford, who grew up in the Bahamas, so she was pretty used to hanging out in swimwear.

I love styling all the product together like this—swimwear, sunglasses, espadrilles, and our new bags. That’s how I design everything, as one collection, but sometimes it’s the only time when you really get to see exactly how you imagined it all together.

Photo: Courtesy of PRISM


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Anna Laub

Anna Laub is the founder and creative director of the eyewear, swimwear, and accessories brand Prism. Prior to launching it in 2009, she worked as a fashion journalist, was the ...