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Welcome to Style Map, a new endeavor in which we aim to share and spotlight the energy of the global scene. New trends and new scenes are constantly emerging in cities across the world, everywhere from Tokyo to Berlin to Sydney to Lagos, Nigeria, the launchpad for one of the more exciting new fashion lines. With Style Map, we aim to bring you the latest in art, music, food, fashion, and more via bulletins from over sixty contributors in over thirty cities, ranging from Jeffrey Deitch in Los Angeles to Delfina Delettrez Fendi in Rome to Mega Meng Meng in Beijing to Maki Osakwe in Lagos to Courtney Love in New York. (See all our contributors at a glance here.) We’d like to put a face to globalization and not just leave that term in the hands of economists or politicians.

Many people worked hard to put Style Map together, but in particular I’d like to thank Sean Brown, Christian Remröd, Maya Singer, Kristin Anderson, Justin Edwards, and Sean Jewell. We hope you like the result and welcome your feedback.


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