We got married! After all the planning, picking out flowers, and freaking out, the wedding itself was actually quite chill. (Well, aside from some bad driving directions, which got the ceremony off to a late start.) We chose to marry in a villa on the island of Ibiza, and all of our best friends and family members came to share this special week with us. People attended from all over the world to celebrate—Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, London, even as far as Hong Kong. As if it weren’t blessing enough to have all those amazing guests gather in our honor and hang out with one another on the beach, we also were so, so lucky to have our dear friend Kim Jones, of Louis Vuitton, design our wedding attire as a gift. No honeymoon yet, as we had to get to Paris for men’s fashion week and work, but we will be heading somewhere warm in Asia next month!

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Photos: Courtesy of Matthew Williams & Jennifer Murray


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Matthew Williams & Jennifer Murray

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