An Interview with Jonas Kleerup

Who are you?

I am a 38-year-old gallery owner and the founder of Web shop VILLA. In my spare time, I like to observe cultural trends and tendencies. I dress in black, gray, and white. Summertime, I might even use some light brown palettes. The beard has been around since the turn of the century.

What differentiates your gallery from others?

We’re trying to focus on our own times and generation, creating a forum and roster of artists that define that. We also flirt with both the fashion and music scene, and work with a lot of external curators. (For example, legendary disco duo Rub &#8217n&#8217 Tug are curating a show this fall.)

What are your top three bars in Stockholm?

This summer, the courtyard bar of Nosh and Chow is the place to be seen. Riche is still going strong, as always, and is where the art crowd hangs out. And the Lydmar Hotel is a perfect setting this time of year to see the sun set over the Royal Palace.

Photo: Courtesy of Jonas Kleerup


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