I was chitchatting with my friend, fashion stylist Christopher Insulander, about fashion schizophrenia, and he showed me the work of his friend, the artist Linnéa Sjöberg. I got rather obsessed with one specific project of hers: The year before graduating with a degree in fine arts from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sjöberg transformed herself into her own version of a businesswoman. The art piece is aptly named GTD4s810 (short for Getting Things Done for Satan).

She gradually abandoned herself, her exterior (think teen spirit), and became this super-classy-chic type (think Net-a-Porter). Her new identity evolved during one and a half years, until it finally crashed in 2012. What remains of her crazy morphogenesis are picture diaries printed on Hermès-like silk scarfs that one can’t stop begging for. Eerie.

Check out Sjöberg’s work at

Photo: Courtesy of Naomi Itkes


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Naomi Itkes

Naomi Itkes is a Stockholm, Sweden-based stylist and fashion editor. She jumped from studies in philosophy to a career in fashion, starting her own magazine, Litkes. Today she is an ...