Nail art has gone mainstream. From soccer moms to red-carpet sirens, it’s big business. Last month, there was a nail-art festival in London. An entire festival celebrating nail art. I understand the need people have to express themselves with fashion, and nails are a built-in accessory, so why not? While accessories like shoes and bags can break the bank, adorning your nails is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your look fresh. Ladies easily tire of their seasonal $1,000 shoes and $2,000 bags, but with nail art, a bottle of polish remover is all you need to update your look.

Photo: Courtesy of Micah Schifman


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Micah Schifman

Micah Schifman is a stylist and fashion consultant. He began his career working as an apprentice for an Academy Award-winning costume designer, then handled VIP relations and celebrity dressing for ...