Ethiopia was the home to some of the world’s first civilizations, and with it some incredible architecture. The Axum Obelisk was constructed in the early fourth century, the underground churches of Lalibela in the twelfth century, and the fortresses and castles of the Gondar in the sixteenth century.

In addition to a proud past, Ethiopia is now actively responding to climate change, seeking to become carbon neutral by 2025 through the implementation of electric trains, a vast reforestation scheme, and the creation of hydropower dams on the Nile.

Despite Ethiopia’s history, as well as its progressive development plans, what I struggle to understand is how these individuals thought it was a good idea to form a human wall and have a man climb up a ladder to fix a power line.

And yes, I made a U-turn to capture this moment.

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Photo: Courtesy of Yodit Eklund


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