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Nothing excites me more than seeing the creative process of a new collection.

This image represents exactly that! The young fashion brand Isolda London brings a flavor of tropicalism to a girl’s wardrobe, with its feminine shapes and unique prints.

These drawings set the tone for the third collection, called Rio, celebrating the golden age of Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian Alessandra Affonso Ferreira, the designer behind the line, combines digital and handmade prints to develop the fabrics.

Keep an eye out for Isolda London’s showroom during the next Paris fashion week.

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Photos: Courtesy of Paola de Orleans e Bragança


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Paola de Orleans e Bragança

Born in London and raised in Brazil, Paola de Orleans e Bragança has made a name for herself as a model, designer, deejay, and girl-about-town. The most recognized member of ...