Nhu Duong, a designer currently working in Berlin.

As someone who has migrated to Berlin, what do you miss the most about Stockholm?

Besides my friends, I mostly miss the feeling of nature—the clean, crisp air, the water, the archipelago, and the country houses in the forest.

What cultural tendencies did you bring with you to Berlin that you think are very Swedish?

My work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit are definitely things I have brought from Sweden. In Berlin, specifically, it feels like the lack of pressure makes time stand still. To really make things happen, I think you need the energy from another place, like Stockholm.

Name your top three places to hang out in Stockholm, and why.

Operakällarens Bakfickan is a small and low-profile counter restaurant serving traditional Swedish food in the cellar of the Royal Swedish Opera.

Rosendal’s Garden is an open garden not far from the center [of Stockholm] that has promoted biodynamic garden cultivation since the eighteenth century.

Magasin 3 is among the best exhibition spaces for contemporary art in Sweden; it’s located in a former warehouse in the harbor area Frihamnen.

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Photo: Courtesy of Christian Remröd


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