I spent a day in Washington, D.C., before flying back to Ethiopia (there is a daily direct flight from D.C. to Addis Ababa). Before heading to my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in the city, Dukem, we stopped by the National Museum of African Art. This painting on glass, Portrait of a Woman, by Ibrahima Sall, really spoke to me. Although Bantu is inspired by African beaches, the actual product and design process are really inspired by women of the African marketplace; they know everything about color, print, and most important, functionality. Over the next decade, the youth population of Africa is set to rise faster than on any other continent, and women will play a massive role. The African woman of today and the future will push the boundaries of creativity and inspire people globally through innovation and creative ideas. She is strong and she is powerful and she will change your world! I hope you’re ready!
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Yodit Eklund

Yodit Eklund is the founder of Bantu, an African beach and surf lifestyle brand. She grew up in Ghana, Sudan, Kenya, Ivory Coast, and Egypt before attending the University of ...