Lena Patriksson, founder of Patriksson Communication.

What should one absolutely not miss while in town?

• Do your morning run at Djurgården (a feeling of being in the complete countryside in the middle of the city).

• The enormous cinnamon rolls at Café Saturnus.

• Take a boat ride from KMK (The Royal Motorboat Club), and see Stockholm by sea and all the small islands that Stockholm consists of.

• Play tennis at Skeppsholmen.

• Rent a bike and go to Fjällgatan for delicious ice cream and for a spectacular view of the city.

• Can’t miss the Museum of Modern Art on Skeppsholmen.

• Eat dinner at Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren—No. 1 in Sweden for amazing food and a relaxed environment.

• Buy Swedish candy (best in the world) at Karla Frukt on Karlavägen.

• Visit Svensk Tenn on Strandvägen, an institution for handcrafted interiors and objects.

What about Stockholm inspires you the most?

• The seasons and its changes, both in terms of beauty, mood, and offerings.

• The great outdoor life.

• The Swedish fashion scene and the stores represented by the brands in the city.

If you were to have a girls’ night out on the town, where would you start off?

• Preferably my flat by Humlegården .

• Otherwise a drink at Teatergrillen.

• Then dinner at PA&Co, my favorite for twenty years.

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Photo: Courtesy of Christian Remröd


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