Paul McCabe, art consultant from South Africa, now based in Stockholm.

Why are you in Stockholm?

My wonderful Swedish wife. The charm of the city and people. The potential. The quality of life, and, believe it or not, as an international art consultant and dealer, the proximity to European cities, East Coast of USA, Asia, and South Africa works well!

Why did you decide to open up a gallery in Stockholm?

The city has a great history of showcasing great contemporary talent. Warhol’s first European museum show was at the Moderna Museet in the sixties. People are well-educated here, and I feel the city is ripe for more international big names! Stockholm is a great destination, and the art world has become more event-driven…. I want to provide Swedes with access to the best of international art and provide an event for my international clients to visit!

How do you see the Swedish art scene developing.

Like all things Swedish, getting better and better! Swedes have always been on the pulse of things…. I feel the eyes are opening even more to the excitement and investment potential of top international contemporary art!

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Photo: Courtesy of Christian Remröd


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