Caroline Blomst runs the blog, which features street style, trends, fashion news, beauty, her own style, and much, much more. Right now, she is working on her own clothing label, which will launch soon. How would you describe the style of people from Stockholm? People in Stockholm are very aware of what they are wearing, and quick to adapt to new trends. Overall, most people dress casual, minimalistic, and practical, but that, of course, depends on what you are doing and where you are going. But all in all, Swedes are very practical when it comes to both shopping and dressing. What about Stockholm inspires you the most? What inspires me most in Stockholm is me stepping out the front door on a super-cold midwinter morning, with loads of snow covering the whole city, and the silence and darkness that comes with it. I don’t even like the winter season, but a moment like that is just always so breathtaking. What are your favorite three places in Stockholm? I love having my morning latte at KMK, the Royal Motorboat Club at Djurgården. They have a nice coffee bar, and when it’s summer, you can hang out in their sun chairs outdoors. For people-watching, Norrmalmstorg is a great spot. I love just sitting there on a bench, checking out people and what they are wearing. Djurgården, the Central Park of Stockholm. Here, I go running or for just a pleasant stroll. It’s beautiful and super close to the city center. Photo: Courtesy of Christian Remröd


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