table mountain.

Cape Town is diverse in so many ways. Take our weather: You have to be prepared for four seasons in one day. Walking around the company’s gardens to work and back home every day, I realized that I live in the most beautiful city in the world. There’s Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, where you can take a rucksack and pack red wine, goat cheese, and crackers or dinner and hike for 45 minutes. Get there, take a deep breath, pop your wine open, and just appreciate the view of Robben Island and the city of Cape Town. This is my city. This is where I live. This is the place I call home.


Photos: Courtesy of Themba Mngomezulu


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Themba Mngomezulu

Themba Mngomezulu is the designer of Cape Town-based label Dark Icon (formerly Darkie Clothing). Inspired by icons ranging from Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali to Grace Jones, Dark Icon debuted ...