Who are you?
I am Saurabh Sinha. I throw parties every now and then, mostly for people who are interested in fashion, music, and art.

What parties are you working with during fashion week?
I have the honor of working with André Saraïva (Mr. Le Baron) who is coming to Sweden to show his art and at the same time throwing some Le Baron pop-up parties together with me. André is having a vernissage at Gallery Steinsland Berliner on Saturday the 24 between 18-20. After that we are having a private dinner at Atelier. The Le Baron after-party will be held at the V nightclub from 11.

On Monday there will be a launch for Absolut Elyx, a new premium vodka curated by Johan Lindeberg which starts off with a private dinner followed by another Le Baron pop-up at V. Johan is hosting the dinner, and me and Andre are hosting both Le Baron parties of course.

Are there any special guests attending?
All my guests are special! This year there will be more international guests than any previous year, which makes it a little more interesting. There are some extra special guests coming that usually aren’t in Sweden at the same time and it feels extra good to be able to get all of them together for once. It’s not often that I have guest lists like this so I hope we deliver a hell of a party both on Saturday and Monday.

On Tuesday you are working with Tommy Saleh, another international promoter who hosts the hottest parties during fashion week in Paris, New York, Milan, and now Stockholm. What are you doing together?
We are doing a NYNY party at Nosh and Chow. Tommy is working with several hosts and I am happy to be one of them. The hosts will be Bryanboy, Craig Arendt, and some other nice people. It is NYNY’s first time in Stockholm so we are setting the tone for seasons to come. I am also co-hosting a dinner with my friends at Fashion Networks on Tuesday.

What do you think makes you the go-to guy for people like André and Tommy?
We share a lot of friends and I know a lot of people on an international level, which I think helps a lot. I have been doing this for a while and I have my own way of doing things, which I think these guys appreciate. It’s an honor for me to work with people like André and Tommy. For me, it’s like a seal of approval.

Where can we find you during fashion week?
You’ll probably find me working at the Fashion Networks VIP lounge at Nobis during the day in between shows. You know my whereabouts during nights.

Three must-see spots during fashion week?

1. Le Baron pop-up at V
2. Nosh and Chow
3. Brasserie Le Rouge in the Old Town

Photo: Ivan Nunez


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