In my previous post I was talking about Ukrainian talents in fashion. This time I would like to touch on the photography scene in my native country. As with fashion, the landscape of the photography industry has changed a lot in recent years. With the rise of a young, new generation, there are some really good names to know.


Our national pride is the photography duo Synchrodogs, Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven, who are still considered emerging despite the fact that they work for publications like Dazed & Confused (they recently shot the woman behind the Asgarda tribe for my article in the October issue of the cult British magazine) and New York magazine. They also shot a special report from Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days for Another Magazine. They even did a portrait of Mark Zuckerberg for the Russian magazine Afisha. No wonder they were chosen by Germany’s major fashion magazine, Achtung, to shoot me for their upcoming issue on Slavic countries and their heroes.

zuckerberg_synchrodogs2_1000 DariaMasha Reva, Synchrodogs for AnotherDaria Shapovalova, in Masha Reva

Their debut monograph, Byzantine, has recently hit shelves of bookstores around the world. The 116-page book is a curation of their most interesting work to date. Talking to Tania this morning on the phone, I learned that “half of the circulation is already sold [out].” I bet Tania and Roma’s works are better known abroad than in Ukraine. For me, it’s proof of the fact that their work is truly international.

Despite having a focus on art photography, from time to time Synchrodogs collaborate with fashion magazines and designers. For example, the result of their work with Ukrainian designer and Central Saint Martins MA student Masha Reva has been chosen to cover the British Journal of Photography.


No doubt it is sometimes better to hail from the Ukraine if you want to be recognized in the world—as it is a big trend now to search for raw talent in emerging countries.

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