Most people who take a summer vacation in Japan take a Bon vacation around August 15. During Bon, which was originally dedicated to the spirits of ancestors, most people go back to their parents’ houses, which means Tokyo becomes empty.

I would like to tell you how to spend a typical summer Bon vacation in Tokyo.

There are some beaches in Tokyo, but they are not so clean. Therefore, most people go to the beach in the next prefecture, Kanagawa. Often they will go to Kamakura, an ancient city. It’s a very beautiful place for sightseeing. There are many temples and beaches, but it’s very popular and always very crowded.

If I want to enjoy the beach with kids or friends, I go to Miura Kaigan beach, which is an hour and half drive.

Above is a photo from a recent Tuesday when my oldest daughter, Fumi, and I went to Miura Kaigan. There is a beach house where you can shower, rent parasols, and buy some snacks to eat. It’s not fancy, but simple is the best when you have children.

Below are some photos from last night. You can see the fireworks every weekend in the summer almost all over Japan. If you visit Japan during a heat wave, I recommend seeing some fireworks. It’s a great element of summer in Japan.

There were two fireworks displays I could see from the rooftop of my parents’ house in Futakotamagawa: One is the Futakotamagawa fireworks and the other is the Kawasaki fireworks, which I saw from a distance. I feel more excited looking at them up close on the riverbed, but I gave up because of the heat this year. Still, seeing the coloring the night sky of summer made me so excited and brought me back to memories of childhood.


Photos: Courtesy of Kazumi Asamura Hayashi


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