Teles de Llengües are traditional Majorcan fabrics made of cotton and linen. They’ve been produced on the island since the twelfth century. They make you think of oriental ikat, and it makes sense since they have their origin in a time when Majorca was in the center of the commercial route from Asia. Similar fabrics can be found all the way from Majorca and over Turkey to Uzbekistan and India. With time they gained their own character and geometries. I heard some time ago every family would have their own distinctive decoration, and that they would use them in the balconies and windows of their homes as a kind of domestic flag.

Today there are only three or four workshops that produce these fabrics by hand the traditional way. Luckily, they sell online:

•  Teixits Vicens
•  Teixits Riera
•  Artesania Texti Bujosa

Photo: Courtesy of Nacho Alegre


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