Krista Kretzschmar, Jewelry Designer

What is the most typical Swedish thing that you draw your inspiration from?

I am, like many other Swedes, obsessed by the light, perhaps since we have so much of it during summer and so little of it during winter. The light is something that we all take very seriously.

What is your favorite place in Stockholm?

My favorite location in Stockholm is Millesgården, just a stone’s throw outside the city center on the island of Lidingö. It was the home and legacy of the last century’s Swedish art superstar Carl Milles and is an amazing place for inspiration. It was also the location of my wedding party and will, as such, always have a special place in my heart.

What exhibition must one not miss this year?

I truly love the newly opened ABBA The Museum, celebrating the internationally acclaimed Swedish disco supergroup. It’s also where my special collection of star-sign jewelry (below) is sold. It is a world exclusive, developed with Frida Reuss, one of the four members of ABBA.

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Photos: Anna Kopito; Courtesy of Krista Kretzschmar


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