The last few weeks of August are very special in Toronto, for that is when the Canadian National Exhibition (a.k.a. The Ex) opens up between August 16 and September 2. It may seem like your average carnival fare, with its rickety rides, games, and deep-fried foods, but it is very special for us Torontonians, and probably the best location you could go on a date (check out this photo of our mayor). The best time to go is during sunset; once it gets dark, the lights are so pretty, and the rides are somehow more terrifying, being situated so close to the lake. Each year they up the ante on food, like the hot dog in an eclair (below) or the cronut hamburger. I like to stick with Tiny Tom’s fresh cinnamon doughnuts—totally unbeatable. Entry is $5 on weekday nights, the people watching is exceptional, and if you have time, check out the Super Dogs show.

CNE_someguy CNE_TOMS IMG_6629

Photos: Courtesy of Eva Michon


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