Unknown The view of Alexanderplatz from the MADE space.

Summer arrives and the snow melts in Berlin, making the city the best place to hang out; in fact, I met up there with many friends from different parts of the world.

There’s a very famous trade show called Bread & Butter, which is practically part of history. Meanwhile, there’s also a competing trade show called Seek, which brings to town artists and influencers such as Pharrell Williams. Basically there’s more to see than one can handle.

Another point of interest is a project space called MADE, which brings different kinds of art together: This year media artist Joachim Sauter and composer Ólafur Arnalds ventured together, and their meeting culminated with the creation of an interdisciplinary performance/installation. The dialogue and exchange between these two craftsmen, each coming from a distinctly different discipline, resulted in a majestic clash of light, motion, and sound.

Soto, one of my favorite streetwear stores and a part of my family, put together a special week to celebrate Berlin fashion week. Together we organized schedule of interesting and fun events. One of them was a beautiful brunch to launch a charity project in collaboration with I Wish U Sun; I made a special T-shirt, and for every sale, an eye surgery was donated to children and adults in Bangladesh, helping to save their sight. We also designed a beautiful bottle of Warsteiner beer, with the graphic I made for the T-shirt on it.

Unknown-1 Jonas Dedié wearing the special T-shirt at Soto Store.

Unknown2 Poggy from United Harrods at Soto Store.

Photos: Courtesy of Marcelo Burlon


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