Unknown Helena Augusta and me at Houssein’s party.

Houssein Jarouche is the guy who makes interior design cool in São Paulo. He is so influential that he carries his own crowd and followers on a constant flux of exhibitions, collaborations, and parties surrounding his store, MiCasa, also home to a design studio. For his birthday party last Saturday, he reunited a handpicked group of creatives in São Paulo at his house, built by architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha. The scene was as unique as Houssein: a futuristic cool with a Brazilian swag. I went along with my pal Helena Augusta. We always work on very exciting projects together, such as an event for Brazilian fashion in New York and large fashion seminars at São Paulo fashion week. She also handles PR for MiCasa. Both Houssein and Helena Augusta are very rare talents and inspiring to be around.

Unknown The invitation featured a personalized stamp for each one of the guests.


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