To get everyone hot and bothered before the FYF Fest’s weekend wildness, the ever-exclusive Soho House (along with Spin magazine, Nasty Gal, and Red Bull) hosted a pre-party event at Mack Sennett Studios with the musical talents of Classixx, Holy Ghost!, De Lux, and Sonns. The ice melted in our delicious cocktails, and the sexy music thumped along with the heartbeat of the sexy party people. The immaculately restored venue is rich with Hollywood history—everyone from Charlie Chaplin to Michael Jackson to Nirvana has filmed, recorded, or made a music video there. Our friend Jesse Rogg, who can be credited for the incredible restoration of this diamond in the rough, was generous enough to let us do a photo shoot there in the winter before it opened. Rogg and his talented girlfriend (and manicure muse), Natalie Minerva of Nail Swag, were still sifting through the music video backdrops and almost century-old bank notes and check stubs.

Continuing the rich legacy of Mack Sennett Studios, now restored and reopened, a whole new era of photo shoots, parties, and videos can be imagined, echoing against a soundstage of history’s finest.

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Photos: Ryan Aslsworth/Royal Interactive Studios; Rony’s Photo Booth


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